Who is this guy?

I am the husband and father to the world’s three prettiest ladies (my wife and two daughters), also with three sons who have enough individual personality to fill an empty warehouse.  I have held many jobs, but no job will define me or give you further insight into who I am.

I love writing and I love to reason. Seeking truth is my passion and relationships are why we exists: relationship to God, relationship to those in our daily lives, relationship with those we never meet (in other words, we are all interrelated).  My family is the most important aspect of life next to my desire to know God intimately (even though that intimacy suffers a lot during periods of doubt and unrest).  I struggle with depression and anger.


I have wrestled with depression and anger through the years, but I got help, made changes, and continue to make changes and grow thanks to the support of predominantly my wife.

My idea of a good day is getting up early to write – either on one of the books I am working on or blogging, cooking breakfast for my family, building or creating something with my children, helping friends in need, and enjoying intimate conversation with my lovely wife, and singing at the house while strumming my way roughly on the ol’ guitar.

In my blog posts you will find more often than not that I struggle with the faith that I have.  I am not content to simply believe for the sake of believing.  I want certainty, even if only in moments.  I want truth, despite the fact that it seems elusive and bound by knowledge (in other words, the more you know, the less you know).  I want to know that what I am telling others is going to make a difference in their life and not just line a church’s pockets or further the aims of the Christian marketing/consumer community.  Life transformation with a purpose that will last for eternity is the goal.  What is your legacy going to be?  I am trying to write mine.





4 thoughts on “Who is this guy?

  1. When you are wondering about how the Christian Church has believed and practiced since the beginning, the best place to look is at the witness of the early Church. You mention in your Sabbath discussion looking at early American (frontier) history. That’s not the place for seeing how the first generations of Christians followed the Apostle’s teaching and lived in the inhospitable pagan culture.
    I was just introduced to Thomas Oden’s Classic Christianity books and it’s just the sort of thing I think you would find informative. Robert Louis Wilken has done much good work in this area.

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    1. The point to the sabbath post regarding frontier practices was just to highlight the stark contrast between a time in ‘recent’ history with where we are today. Personally, I think Messianic Judaism is the intended practice that Christians were supposed to follow. Roman politics took over and the rest is history.


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