Last Post on Wadley’s Theology

I stopped blogging at some point years ago but then I came back to it.  I think I have posts dating back to 2008 at this point.  That is quite a feat for myself.  I usually am not committed to something for any length of time.

I am not sure at this point what I will do next.  I do enjoy writing but I enjoy telling stories more than I do writing.  The world is changing though.  The funny thing is, the world is always changing.

20190929_143322Wadley’s Theology was started as a counterpoint, possibly a heretical counterpoint, to mainstream Christian culture while also a reflection of my ever changing faith.  It was therapeutic in a way and allowed me to wrestle with difficult issues.  I am older now (but not old), less inclined to brandish my opinion in public spheres, and more inclined to discuss these matters in private conversations – which I have always preferred.  Dialogue is so much better than a one-way conversation (which, technically, is not a conversation).

I am not parting with any words of perpetual wisdom.  Like I said, I will probably pick up another blog, vlog, website, or podcast – but the focus of that will be different and less inclined towards my opinions and more inclined towards amusement. For readers who are not family and friends, my email address is wadley.keith@ o u t l o o k.c o m.  Hopefully the robots will not correct the spaces.  Shoot me a line anytime.

Thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “Last Post on Wadley’s Theology

  1. Beth Gordon

    I will miss reading your thoughts. I hope you will leave the blog up for others to discover or for those inclined to read again. I hope you will continue to share in whatever format is most appealing to you. God bless you and your precious family.

    Liked by 1 person

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