Quarantine and Our Chicken Coop

I am going to preface this blog by saying that I am preparing to shut down Wadleys Theology for good. It has been awesome to be able to write my thoughts down to ‘brandish’ my ideas onto the small group of followers that I have gained through the years. I will post a final blog either this week or next.  I have at least two remaining.


We are practicing a self-imposed quarantine that is really a partial quarantine. We still get groceries and occasionally grab take-out food. My wife gets the children lunches at the school each day of the week too. But otherwise, we stay at home. So far things are okay. I think my wife said we are up to day 15 as of today. That is easy living compared with New York City folks who are under a large amount of stress and who have very limited space to function within.

Our plan is to stay self-quarantined until this virus has run its course and is under manageable control. Mainly so we can protect our special needs son, but also to protect ourselves. I have no desire to get this illness. I equate the people who are willing to take their chances with those people on television shows where contestants have scorpions poured all over them for five minutes. That, quite frankly, is just stupid.

So instead of pouring scorpions all over our bodies we decided to build a chicken coop and get chickens. I guess that goes hand-in-hand; you don’t build a chicken coop and not put chickens in it….


So, Saturday we picked them up. Sunday all three laid eggs. And Monday, two of the three escaped when my four year old decided to conspire to let the prisoners free. Remember Rocky I, when Balboa is being trained to go against Apollo Creed? What does he do? Chases chickens. Well, that was my afternoon. I am surprised I did not end up snake bit. We were all through the back small woods chasing these chickens. One hid so well that I didn’t see it for over an hour. I finally was able to wrangle them back into the pen.

Apparently our neighbors were alerted to our plight when they were sitting out back, under self-quarantine as well, and all of a sudden our dog went running across their lawn. They were more amused when they realized that the blur in front of our dog was one of our chickens. One of their daughters helped us corral the first one.

Note to self: make a stronger latch for the coop so my son cannot help the chicken’s escape.



3 thoughts on “Quarantine and Our Chicken Coop

  1. Beth Gordon

    Your coop is fantastic! Love the story of your son freeing the chicken! I had a good laughing using my imagination about you chasing chickens.

    I shall miss reading your posts. Now I’m disappointed that I didn’t comment more often. I hope you will create another avenue for sharing your thoughts; they are worth reading.

    Liked by 1 person

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