COVID-19, a world without hope?

Trying to write this coherently is like trying to communicate with my spouse.  There is so much going on inside my head and she can’t read my mind anymore than you can, and neither of you really want to know those thoughts anyway!

I was still at a loss on why the quarantine and panic.  This has to be chalked up to a couple of things: 1) my lack of experience with novel virus strains (it seems that there are a lot of people who are experts in this area, I had no idea), 2) my lack of understanding and knowledge about healthcare and how it works (I told the Dept of Veteran’s Affairs today that I would never use them again – American pampered butt syndrome kicking in), 3) my lack of knowledge on why anything less than a mandatory ‘lock yourself in  your home and do not come out for 30 days’ quarantine will work,  and 4) I am sure there are more.

With that lack of knowledge I did some reading and researching.

This first table is based off of data collected from the World Health Organization that can be found at this link:  I added the column to the right that calculates the fatality rate based on the total number of confirmed cases with the deaths directly attributed to the coronavirus.

COVID 19 as of 16 Mar 2020


This is an interesting spread of lethality.  The best article I have found that explains this type of disparity is from Russia Today.  That article is entitled: How likely are you (yes, you) to die from the Covid-19 virus? — RT World News

So looking at the number of deaths, depending on who you are, might mean that we are a little skeptical about why there is a need for a mandatory quarantine.  Is it about hospital space? Healthcare access? Limited medical staff?  Sure.  It is about those things.  But it is bigger than that.  This is what I was not understanding until today.  Let’s look at the second chart:

If left to roam free

Most of my readers are from the UK or USA.  Take a second and find either of those countries.  Look at the last column number for that country and imagine what the impact would be if in the next six months that many people died?  And those are conservative numbers because we currently do have hospital technology and staff to help people who are infected.  So when those professional people and services disappear the numbers will be higher than what is listed here.  The last column number used the first table’s calculated “% of those infected who die” data.

What would happen if we let the virus run its course as quickly as possible?  Would it be any less impactful to our economy if this thing swept through and did its business inside of 6 months?  Seeing the numbers took me by surprise.  I now have a little more sympathy for people in leadership at this point.  This is beyond my understanding and ability to war game, and I am not one of the experts who went to community college and played the app Plague all night for a whole semester.

I have a friend of mine who has been prepping for this thing since December when he first started hearing about it.  I pushed it off as propaganda.  I saw it as a control mechanism to establish the New World Order or something along those lines.  And maybe my dad is right, maybe that is the way it is all headed in the end with a one world government or at least equal heads of state interacting for the benefit of commerce, science, and medicine.  Maybe Artificial Intelligence will out live humanity once they figure out how to manufacture themselves.

Does being quarantined while a virus ravages our communities sound like something ‘fun’ or ‘entertaining’ to go through?  Nope.  But maybe that is the point with this virus.  Maybe the point we can all learn from COVID-19 is that most of our lives are filled with trivial, self-centered, non-essential things that we can live without.

I am a pretty pessimistic person who tends to look at the doom and gloom of life rather than positive aspects.  I think that is a defense mechanism of mine to keep me from having false hope or from being disappointed.  It is better in my sick mind to believe that things can always get worse than to believe that things can always get better.  If I set the bar low then hey, even little things can seem like big improvements.  The problem is that I can’t enjoy the little thing because I discount it.  I don’t want to get my hopes up after all.

But hope is what we need right now.  I am supposed to have faith and be all cheerful and happy about this God who loves me and stuff.  But at the end of the day I think I really just hate life at the core.  I don’t want a God who loves me.  I want a God who makes things right today, not after I die.  I want a God who steps in now, not at the end of all things.  But that is not the God that I believe in and I struggle with my own faith when it is bare in moments like these.  My faith seems to be fleeting, or at best, untested.

Maybe dad is right about that too, maybe this world has a ton of potential if it weren’t for us ignorant humans who keep holding on to superstitions and false beliefs that try to help us through these uncertain times.  Maybe we are supposed to push forward because we believe in the capability of humanity and not the capability or plan of some Master Creator’s ultimate design for the cosmos.  That is part of my lack of hope though.  I completely do not trust my fellow human beings.

I guess we all have to figure that out.  Do we believe what we say we believe?  Are we willing to follow through on that?  What does it look like in this time of crisis?

I’ll let you know how my own search to find hope and to trust in that hope goes.


One thought on “COVID-19, a world without hope?

  1. Ma K

    People with faith in Jesus Christ are not superstitious, and they are not what is wrong with this world. That’s what the enemy wants you to believe, Keith. Those of us that are Christians have a belief system based on experience for themselves in a God who loves them, and a God Who is all-knowing, all-powerful, and ever-present everywhere all at the same time. The reason the world is such a mess is because Christians are not doing what they’re supposed to do. They act just like the world most of the time. They act like they have no hope. Those that truly believe, that are truly believers in Christ, have to be different. They have to have hope. They have to believe that there’s something better after this life. But while we’re here, why don’t we do what the Bible tells us to do, and rise up and be the church? Why Don’t We rise up act and speak like Jesus? Why don’t we get so filled up with Him that everywhere we go we release His life, His love, His power and make a difference in this world. Why Don’t We rise up and heal the sick and raise the dead and deliver those that are oppressed by the devil? The Bible tells us that the Earth is groaning waiting for the Sons and Daughters of God to arise. I’m tired of living a powerless life myself, and believe there is so much more that I’m supposed to be doing. There’s so much more that you’re supposed to be doing. So let’s not give up hope and continue to cry out to God, and watch and see what He’s going to do in us and through us and through other believers in this earth, until He takes us home. The first step is not to give up hope, but to pray pray pray pray pray until He moves or moves US to act.

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