It’s official – mass paranoia and fear is real

I’ll keep this one short….maybe.

Lessons learned since Friday:

  1. Massive amounts of toilet paper have been purchased and are being held hostage by Americans who are afraid and stupid.  I guarantee you that they do not have enough food, and especially water, on hand to use all that toilet paper.  My suggestion: only buy enough toilet paper in reserve that is equal to your food and water supply.
  2.  When leaders think that management is leadership then fear can still exist and will control your people.  Point blank: President’s Trump response on Friday was inadequate from a leadership stand point.  Our political leaders across the continent are failing to be leaders.  They are like varsity players trying to get into the hall of fame for politics without earning it through leadership.  They are going to get into the hall of fame of history by their ineptitude.  A good leader is a master communicator who understands their audience, no matter how diverse, and who can provide guidance, direction, inspiration, and unity in their words and delivery.
  3. Politics and the coronavirus do not belong together.  It is time for our political leaders to look out for what is best for Americans and not for the polls this fall.  I do not care how people perceive you.  Make the tough decisions.  That is what you are in office for.  The key is to make tough decisions and to communicate effectively.  That is not happening.
  4. People are afraid.  There is too much information, not enough consistent information, and a huge lack of trust.  We don’t trust each other.  We don’t trust the media.  We don’t trust politicians.  We don’t trust Congress.  We don’t trust the White House.  We don’t trust corporations.  We don’t trust the CDC and certainly not the WHO (unless you are referring to the band and not the organization).  Control through fear is the wrong approach.  Empower people with information and with your motivations.  Then lead by example and by providing a clear path forward.

Expectations over the next two weeks:

  1. We will see an increase in the number of coronavirus persons in America. Duh.
  2. Depending on the number of infected persons by the end of the week, the decision will have to be made whether we all end up under mandatory quarantine for the entire country.  It may take two full weeks before they do it, but we should know if we are trending in that direction by next weekend.
  3. If we are put under a mandatory quarantine then expect blood shed if it is not done correctly and if communication is handled as poorly as it has been.  People do not like change that is forced on them.  They want to be a part of creating the solution, not just told what to do.  Give them the reason for the necessary changes and tell them what they can do to help.
  4. People will die and our military members will be asked to do some extraordinary things here in the States for a change.  People will die from the virus, from a lack of available healthcare, and possibly from conflict with those trying to follow the orders of their leaders.  Our military members will be expected to not only provide an unprecedented amount of humanitarian assistance into our communities, but they will be filling roles that have never been done on this large of a scale in America – police work.  If you think our cops are undertrained now, wait until this happens.  Do what they tell you to do and follow whatever process is in place for grievances.  Otherwise the consequence could be fatal and that should not happen.

That’s all I have.

Enjoy the extra time you have with your family.  For you single folks, hunker down with a group of friends.  Work, play board and card games, exercise, eat well, hydrate, provide support to your community as you are able and that does not lead to infectious situations, and don’t freak out.  This too will pass.


7 thoughts on “It’s official – mass paranoia and fear is real

  1. Number 4 of your expectations is what scares me. Reminds me of that quote from Men in Black: “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals, and you know it.” Fear makes people do dumb things. And lack of control makes them angry. Fear and anger breed violence. Our household is not prepared for violence. Actually, our household isn’t prepared for quarantine either. And remember to pray for your sister. I’m on the road and work out in the field in not just one Wal-Mart, but two and sometimes three of them. This is where many of the sick, dumb, and crazy people roam. Ha! Seriously though, your post gives good advice. Hopefully we’ll make it through this as peacefully as possible. Love you.

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  2. Beth Gordon

    It seems like the world has gone crazy. I don’t know what to think and which sources to believe. Then there is the conspiracy theorist in me that wonders what is really going on and what the end game is.

    Thanks for sharing your views. More to think about.

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    1. The conspiracy side is healthy as long as it is founded in facts. Maybe that will be my next post. From the Christian worldview and prophetic perspective, this whole thing looks completely different. It kind of goes back to the other post about people being afraid of death. When we find ourselves panicking then it should alert us that we are feeling threatened. Identify the threat and its cause. Do not fear man who can only destroy the flesh, but fear God who can destroy your flesh and your soul in hell. We read that one last night. Not an easy conversation to have and even less easier to live out.


  3. Tom Gordon

    Thank you Keith for the great insight. The conspiracy theory runs rampant here, on the healthy side of it though. The panic is real for the community, people on a whole are forcing themselves to make foolish decisions. The word of God gives us guidance and direction. The sad truth to all this “pandemic” is that there is the 1% of politicians, media, cities, neighborhoods that are driving the narrative here. As believers in Christ we need to turn to him in prayer constantly. The time is now to take advantage of being with family and friends. Making sure that we use that time wisely.


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