He and she do exist…

I was going to make this long but I am not.

There are men and there are women. You have reproductive organs and capabilities that tell you what your sex is. We are physically designed to procreate and keep our species going. I am not changing my pronouns to match with someone’s identity crisis or confusion. If I can’t tell what sex you are then I will probably avoid using pronouns around you.

America is officially dead in my book. We are going to kill each other and it will be horrible. If we don’t do it to each other then one group will legally dominate the other violently or another country will destroy us.

The scary part is that we have one of the best militaries in the world, especially in the form of special operations and technology. What will that look like when all of this force and tech is turned inward coupled with the militarization of police forces and the heavy weight of the FBI, state BIs, DEA, Homeland Security, etc?

We can say it will never happen, but nobody thought socialism would gain the support of a major political party here in the US either.

And you can call me whatever makes you feel good for my initial comments. But it is not currently a crime to hold my view. It will be eventually. Just look north to Canada. Currently there is still free speech and you didn’t have to read my blog. I rarely post anyways. WordPress might as well just shut me down and join the corporate sensor police network.

Good night,


3 thoughts on “He and she do exist…

  1. Ma Kim

    Unless there is another great awakening with many, many people turning back to Jesus Christ, then I agree that our nation is in serious trouble. You are a smart cookie, but even you can’t figure out whether or not that will happen. “But God!!!!” Which is why I am praying passionately, along with many other people, for awakening and revival to such an extent that not only the Church wakes up, but that it affects the government and the culture around us. Love you, Keith!


  2. Beth Gordon

    I have always thought complaining about pronoun usage was silly because who uses pronouns (other than the word you) when speaking to someone? The only time a person uses he, she, it, her and he is when speaking about a person not present. Seriously this type of speech should not be legislated at all. I hope that will not happen in the United States.

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