Ever hear of Eeyore Syndrome?

I desire to be one of the most upbeat, positive, influential for the better of you people that you will ever come across.  But if I am honest, I suffer from self-inflicted Eeyore Syndrome.  I think that everyone hates me or doesn’t like me for whatever reason.  The reality is that people don’t think about each other how I think they think.  We all think that everyone is thinking about us, but really they are thinking the same thing we are – what do they think about me?

It is mildly amusing.  As a result of this self-absorption we tend to misinterpret EVERYTHING!  I am misunderstood by most as is.  My wife flat out called me weird the other day after one of my comments.  For fun, lets look at what happened.

First, I despise political marketing.  Anyone running for public office on any level knows that the end goal is to get people to remember your name at the voting booth and to associate good things with your name is possible.  But if you can only do one, then get them to like seeing your name.

We have a Senate seat open.  There is a billboard of one of the guys running with his family and his name.  Nothing else.  He doesn’t say whether he is a Democrat or Republican.  He just wants you to associate his name with his family and he hopes that you will identify with him because of this and think positively about his name.  He could be going for either party here in the South.  The billboard frustrates me.  That is not why I am weird though.

I am weird because while driving down the road I told my wife that if I was just to vote for someone based off of the yard signs that I am seeing then I would vote for the guy on the billboard because he used the best font and layout for his yard sign.  Her response was, “have I ever told you how weird you are?”  She has not, but now I know.

Image result for political yard signWe saw about five signs.  I think only two were for the same office.  One person used a very elaborate font so I ruled that person out because they don’t understand marketing.  It was hard to read the name, much less remember it and the use of red and yellow was a turn off.  Another sign was unconventional and did not stick with the traditional red, white, and blue political colors.  It looked like an add for a business, not a person.  It was out.  The font choice on that one was more like for a snow cone place too.  That left three other signs.  One was someone running for the head of the Sheriff’s department (I think) and it looked like it belonged in Texas.  I don’t remember his name, just the stars on it.  That left two others.  Out of these two one of them used a more plain Ariel type font.  It was well laid out, but it did not communicate intelligence and/or executive leadership.  That left the billboard guy’s sign.  Simple.  Good use of the three standard election colors with blue as the overall background.  His name used something close to a Times New Roman font but it was thicker which meant that it stood out well on the sign from a distance.  It communicated the executive standard that you expect from people running for the Senate.  When I explained my thinking to my wife she simply shook her head and said that I was just plain weird.

I am not saying that I am going to vote for the guy!  I was simply saying that if all we had to go on to determine who to vote for was the political yard sign then that is who I would vote for.

I know that is off topic a little but it explains to you how I see and think about the world around me.  More than likely I will not be voting in the upcoming primaries because I registered as an Independent voter.  That means I enjoy losing all the time.  Haha!  It fits my personality though.  I think differently than most people, whether good or bad, who knows.  It definitely makes life frustrating (but only if I let it frustrate me).  I find myself having to explain my statements more often than I feel like I need to.  And after I explain myself I tend to get the deer in headlight look or statements like my wife’s – “you’re weird”.

So Eeyore Syndrome is a natural byproduct of this way of thinking.  You feel like nobody understands your needs, how you think, and you feel isolated and trapped by your mind even though your mind is a jungle with a groovy jazz instrumental playing that occasionally runs into a Silver-back guerrilla who knows how to blow a trumpet while throwing downed trees around for fun before jumping into a raging white-water rapid with a SCUBA mask and snorkel on and a big grin on his face for what lies ahead.  See what my wife is saying now, I’m just plain weird.

Long live the Eeyore’s of the world!  We love to be loved and we love to love other people.  We just don’t always feel like the world gets us.


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