Where is American Racism headed?

One thing is certain, being disconnected from social media and national news outlets to include internet news sites like The Drudge Report, Russia Today, etc.  helps me tend to feel a lot better than if I am reading the news on any sort of daily basis.  What happens as a result?  Personally I feel better about life.  But then I go out into society and overall I am greeted well, but I start getting the feeling that I am not welcomed.  I live in the south, deep south, old Mississippi south.  Sweet tea is normal and if you want tea without sugar in it then you have to ask for ‘unsweet’ tea.  Catfish come with the fins and tail still on them and are deep fried to a crispy perfection (eat those fins too, they are delicious).  But I get the impression that there is an uneasiness brewing as I am out and about here in the deep south.  I get the feeling that I am seen as an object of hate.  Sometimes it makes me mad.  Sometimes it scares me. But overall it drives me crazy.

I hate the distinction of races.  It seems that race is something made up to divide people and I don’t fully understand the term.  I understand ethnicity.  That makes sense.  I have a friend who is Jamaican.  He has a different culture or ethnic background than I do and his childhood was a lot different than my own – mainly from an island perspective.  We both grew up loved, lots of family, good food, and were encouraged to work hard.  But race just doesn’t seem to do anyone any good as a descriptor.  It is strictly a divisive term.

Does racism exist?  YES!  I emphatically agree that racism exist and maybe that is the rub.  If racism didn’t exist then there would be no need to have the distinction of a race.  We are humans first, right?

But I have friends who understand the entrenched racism of white America better than I can and when I hear about their experiences I want to fight for them.  They have learned to deal with it.  To protect themselves and to move on.  Guys like KJ, another not white friend of mine, has not let other people’s racism hold him back.  But it has impacted his psyche to the point that he fears being pulled over by the police because he honestly believes that a white cop might decide that it is KJ’s day to die.  I cannot understand that fear.  If a cop pulls me over my greatest fear is that I will not be submissive enough and that he will shoot me with his taser, but not his gun.  And our media holds some culpability in this impression that KJ has.  But that is another blog post for another day.  Perception equals reality for each of us (it doesn’t mean if it is truth, it just means that our perception determines our responses within the reality we create for ourselves).  If we are paranoid of someone hurting us then that is our reality that we live within and have to process in order to move forward in our lives.  KJ does not live in fear.  But he does what he can to not get pulled over.  And I do what I can to not have people lash out at me while shopping at Walmart simply because I am a man trying to grocery shop who happens to be white.  I wanted to shout “just because I am white does not mean I am your enemy or that I hate you!”, but that would have just gotten me thrown out of Walmart or arrested.

But where is America headed with all of this?

I think racism is being used to divide the country yet again.  It is one of the many tactics being used to build divisiveness so that we implode eventually and make us easier prey for foreign governments and corporations to take over.

I fully expect my children to grow up in a country owned by China or the United Nations (think One World Order stuff) or run by something similar to Red Russia of the early 1900s.  I expect the worldview that we are teaching them to be a threat to whatever system is in place and that society will see us as dangerous to the progress of humanity.  We will be hunted down and killed, whether through the courts or through massive round ups similar to concentration camps of Nazi Germany less than 100 years ago.

The writing is on the wall.  There is a hugely spiritual component to this that I am not discussing yet.  Just know that I believe this is supposed to happen and that it is necessary for the ultimate good to take place.

sunset hands love woman
Photo by Stokpic on Pexels.com

Do your part now though to love on folks.  To stop racism when you see it and to stop seeing people as a race, but to see them as a human.  There was a lady this morning when I was running who greeted me with the most joy-filled ‘good morning’ that I have ever heard.  It sent tingles through my body.  She was genuinely glad that she was alive and that she could tell me good morning.  If she thought anything about me being white then she didn’t show it.  She just exuded love.  I loved it.  It felt good.  It made me feel hope and it made me feel human.  Those are two really good things.

Happy Father’s Day.


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