Hate in America, please stop it

Hate in the heartland: America is stumbling towards disaster one virulent tweet at a time — RT Op-ed


I don’t normally reference other writings on my blog. This article above is well written and the key take aways are this:

1. Seek dialogue over violence. We can disagree with wanting the other person to be physically harmed or worse.

2. Admit when we are wrong and apologize. This brings healing.

3. Recognize that everybody’s life experience is different. Even if they appear on the outside the same as someone else.

We live each day with people that we disagree with to the core of our being, in peace, and we apply labels to help us understand each other, but it doesn’t work: pedophiles, rapist, murderers, racists, sexists, feminists, Christians, Muslims, homosexuals, heterosexuals, atheists, Jews, Buddhists, Mennonites, narcissists, politicians, anarchists, white supremists, soldiers, hippies, etc. Within each of these labels is a diversity that shatters all stereotypes. We all need help and healing. We all need empathy.

We have laws that keep us safe from doing harm to each other along with a police force to enforce those laws. The entire system is under attack. Ask yourself why? Does it benefit any American for our country to be at war with itself? No it doesn’t.

Our laws are what make this nation safe. If the law needs to be changed then do what other organizations have done by creating social action plans to change it. Brute force never works for the long term. Ask Germany.

Without laws we will kill each other or we will be killed. Mark my words. Guard your speech and your reactions. When you feel hate, pray for God to have mercy on your soul. When you feel marginalized pray for those who have marginalized you. ‘Bless those who persecute you, bless and do not curse.‘ Roman’s 12:14. Prayer is our key to reconcile our differences or to come to a compromise that creates a win-win.

Please help us move forward as a nation without the vitriol and hate being poured like gasoline onto an almost raging fire. We can live at peace if we try.

I love you blog reader.


NOTE: I know it isn’t that easy and that we have things like Just War Theory and even our own nation was built on a disagreement of economics and sovereignty. It isn’t simple and it won’t be easy, but we have to try. And we need to rely on our laws. I cannot stress that enough.

2 thoughts on “Hate in America, please stop it

    1. There is a misnomer being taught that we all have to agree with the lifestyle choices (morality) of one another. While it helps to be like minded, it is not necessary for a society to function safely. If we all stopped watching national media, just stick with local, and if we stayed off social media then we would be better off (in my opinion).


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