40 week abortion, social justice and the gospel of Jesus Christ…

Straight to the point.  My wife told me when I walked in the door about New York State’s legislature and governor signing into law the murder of babies. (Two counter-point articles to what I am writing can be found here and here)  You know where I stand by how I worded that.  Aborting a baby at 40 weeks gestation is a crime (pending very rare and few exceptions – still born child, gross deformity that is non-life sustaining out of the womb).  Imagine killing your child, grandchild, niece or nephew when they were fresh out of the womb.  There is no difference between that baby that you have all those pictures of, and the babies that are being aborted by these murderous laws.  I do not understand how ANYONE can rationalize why it should be legal.  Now to the core.  I think there are two reasons why people believe this is a great law to have in place:

  1. The fear of death.
  2. Self-centered ideology

My wife and I talked about why they call it a victory for women’s choice.  If she were 40 weeks pregnant with one of our five children, and the doctor said that she was almost certainly going to die if she birthed the baby then she would still birth the baby.  Why?  It is not because she does not value her life, but because of who she is at the core: a Christian.  Blogs are meant to be short.  This one will probably not be.  I am venting.  I am furious.  I am trying to reason out what the best course of action is, but more on that at the end.

Christians believe various presuppositions that dictate their worldview and set them apart from the presuppositions of secular humanist, post modern philosophers, and leftist-socialist political philosophy in general.  Here is a basic run down of some of the core beliefs and presuppositions:

  1. God is sovereign over everything – this means that we believe God is really in truly in control.  The problem of evil is the only one that can be debated but let me throw this back at the atheist or agnostic – by what standard can you identify evil?  It doesn’t exist in post modernism as an absolute.  Even Sam Harris admits as much in his book The Moral Landscape.  Morality changes at the whims of the masses and by what society says is or is not okay.  For a living example look at Adolf Hitler’s rise in Nazi Germany where two societies of Germans clashed over this issue but the one won out militarily until another opposing morality could stand up to them.
  2. While there is a sense of justice here on earth, there will never be any sort of social justice that will win over the hearts and minds of men and women.  Social justice imposes the will of one group over the will of another.  We have laws that govern social justice and if we want to see any sort of social justice take place here on earth then we do what we can to change those laws.  We are seeing this throughout the United States regarding immigration, abortion, pornography, marriage, sexuality, etc.  Right or wrong, social justice is temporary justice and only suppresses or oppresses one view over another.
  3. The only way to change the culture of a people is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Nicene Creed is a great synopsis of the Christian faith.  Here is the gospel in short: All people are in active rebellion against the will of God.  God commands us to repent or turn from our active rebellion and to believe that Jesus died for us (propitiation), and that God raised Him from the dead demonstrating God’s power over death (this is why my wife would have the baby instead of aborting, because she believes that this world is not her home or all there is – if she and the baby both died then it would be God’s will; we may not understand it but that is what we have to believe if we say we truly believe in the sovereignty of God).
  4. We believe that we know the gospel to be true because of what is known as special revelation that was captured in the writings of the Christian Bible and that is revealed to us as the truth as God draws us to Him by the work of the Holy Spirit.  It contains a plethora of knowledge to include moral standards.
  5. Probably one of the core presuppositions is that we believe in the supernatural.  There are mysteries of God that will not be explained this side of heaven, and possibly ever, to our satisfaction.
grayscale photography of two newborn
Photo by Zaid Abu Taha on Pexels.com

To conclude, the murder of babies is morally reprehensible.  The actions of Christians should follow in multiple ways.  I encourage each of us to do at least the first two.  That is our duty.  The others are ways to look for social justice temporarily.

  1. Preach the gospel.  It is the power of God for salvation.  God alone can change the hearts of people and enable them to see their sins clearly.  Men have loved darkness rather than the light but preaching the gospel brings that light into the dark places.  It also brings hope.  And we need eternal hope.
  2. Pray.  Pray fervently, without ceasing.  Pray in the grocery store line.  Pray while pumping your gas.  Pray before you eat, while you are eating, and after you finish eating.  Pray at work.  Pray in the bathroom.  Pray with people – believers and non-believers.  Do you have homeless people asking you for money?  Give or don’t give them money, but do offer them prayer.  Coworker going through rough patch?  Ask if you can pray with them.  Don’t pray AT them.  Pray WITH them.  Don’t try to preach the gospel in your prayer – take them in prayer to your Father to ask for His blessing.  Pray for those who persecute you, and in this case, pray for those who are persecuting the unborn.
  3. Contact your federal and state senators and representatives.  Tell them you are praying for them to make wise decisions.  Tell them what you want to see them supporting or not supporting.  America is great for this reason, we are a representative democracy and we can communicate with our electors to tell them our opinions.
  4. Support your local crisis pregnancy center with your time, money, and resources.  Do you have baby clothes you can donate?  What about diapers and wipes?  Can you contact them to see about doing a baby bottle change drive in your church or social club or just as a family?  Do they need fresh paint or landscaping done?  What about handing out flyers and pamphlets in communities where abortion rates are high?  Do they need counselors?  Board members?
  5. DO NOT LAY JUDGMENT ON WOMEN WHO HAVE HAD AN ABORTION.  Love those women, even if they still believe that it was the right and best decision.  It may make your blood boil or your heart ache, but the gospel of Jesus is not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved (John 3:17).
  6. Start a prison ministry to reach imprisoned men and women with the truth of the gospel.
  7. Know any single mothers who need a hand?  Maybe a homemade meal once a week?  Help with laundry or house chores?  How about watching their child(ren) so they can get some down time?  Single moms need our support.
  8. What ideas can you and your family come up with?


NOTE:  If you submit comments that are rude, profane, intolerant (meaning that you blast me hatefully for my view while saying that I am intolerant) then I will not approve them.  Comments that disagree with this post will be approved if done in a dignified and respectable manner.  Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

3 thoughts on “40 week abortion, social justice and the gospel of Jesus Christ…

  1. Right on, bro. Loving on individuals is the best way to demonstrate the great love of our Savior. Jesus is the only way the hearts of man can change. Thank God that change doesn’t depend on our own power.


  2. Tommy (Sandra) Monts

    Oh, Keith, you said all so many believe. Thank you for putting it all into words. God bless you and we pray the Lord will stop abortion. love you, Grandson


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