Flat Earth Theory, Syria, and Mr. Rogers

So there I was trying to explain to my wife what flat-earth theory is when I realized United Nationsthat the United Nations’ symbol is a flat earth map with olive branches around it.  This is loaded with imagery that has meaning in conspiracy circles – but the question is, does it have meaning because there is something there or is it just coincidence?

For those who are not into conspiracy theories let me give you some advice – STAY AWAY FROM SEEKING TRUTH.  That sounds insane, right?  We all believe that we want to know the truth but reality says otherwise.  I am not going to prove my point here, because plenty of material and research exists that confirms that we affirm things that support what we believe and we ignore things that go against our beliefs -whether we realize it or not.  I bring this up because conspiracy theories can make your head swim and cause an onset of depression unlike anything you have ever seen.  Let’s follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole just a little:


The article above is on a news site that is aimed at Western readers from the EU to the United States with the goal of presenting alternative viewpoints than what our mainstream media outlets feed us.  My argument here is that both Russia Today and all American and British media outlets are just HUGE propaganda machines (FOXNews, CNN, BBC included).  Anyways, the article is saying that a sovereign country (Austria) is being threatened by another sovereign country (Turkey) for attempting to secure, protect, and defend their sovereignty from a culture that they do not agree with, particularly conservative Islam.  There is no way that a country like the United States could do what Austria is doing, but I applaud their effort.  Not because it is against Islam, but because they have drawn a line in the sand that says, we have a certain way of life, culture, and values that we want to live out – if you do not want to live our way and think our way then you need to leave our country.  Every country should do this!  That is another post.  So this article had my wheels turning regarding why Turkey would care anything about Austria and what they decide to do but in the conspiracy world Islam is invading the West through immigration with plans for long term advances in overthrowing Western philosophy (post modernism primarily) and replacing it with their own.

On to the next article:


This article caught my eye because World War II is still being deciphered politically and lessons learned keep coming back to us to help us prevent World War III.  The journalist argues that America created Syrian terrorism and that the average family over in Syria is sending their sons and daughters off to war to die at the hands of well-trained mercenaries.  I don’t doubt any of what this article says.  What it highlights to me is how little the public knows about the political power play happening in Syria.  This is a proxy war between Russia, Iran, Turkey, the United States, France, and possibly China.  I am not sure of what the stakes are, but they are big enough that all three key players – United States, Russia, and Iran – are willing to send their sons and daughters to war there and to die.  That should sicken us as Americans and we should inquire with our Senators and Representatives at the Federal level for why we care so much about Syria.  I think I will do that tomorrow.

But to end on a positive note, because remember, conspiracy theories tend to leave one feeling hopeless and without a purpose in living life, there was a great article on Mr. Rogers over at WORLD news, a Christian news agency.  Here is what Mr. Rogers had to say when he heard someone make the claim that life is cheap – the way I feel a lot when I see how easy it is for us to kill one another for resources, power, and narcissistic reasons.

“Life isn’t cheap,” Rogers said. “But how do we make goodness attractive? By doing whatever we can to bring courage to those whose lives move near our own. By treating our neighbor at least as well as we treat ourselves and allowing that to inform everything that we produce. Who in your life has been such a servant to you?” He asked the audience to sit in silence for 10 seconds to ponder that question.


Who has been a servant to you?  For me, my wife instantly comes to mind.  She is the perfect example of how to express love through service.  Not just to me, but to anyone she meets.  Her dad is that way too.  He likes to serve people.  Our children receive it and they love her for it.  I receive it and I am definitely grateful (and I try to push her out of the house to get time for herself as often as I can!).  When she meets a stranger they spill everything they are struggling with to her.  It just comes out.  They can’t help it.  She is a good listener because she serves people, not herself.

So Mr. Rogers is right.  Life isn’t cheap.  It is as valuable as you make it.  Maybe we can serve someone today, tomorrow, or the next day that we normally look down on in society or in our work place or in our home.

I may not know what is happening and why around the world, but I know that people matter and that we should do all we can to make the world better than we left it – even when we disagree on what that should look like (Austria and Turkey).


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