Christians, California, and Therapy

For those not familiar with what California is proposing or has successfully done with regards to psychological counseling for homosexual, transgender, bisexual, etc… persons then read this article. You do not have to read that article to understand this post though.

Let me be clear in case someone is searching for a reason to lash out at me, I believe in absolute morality. I believe morality is universal. I base my presuppositions predominantly on the teachings of the Bible and my understanding of Christian theology as it applies to doctrine (the practice of the faith in practical terms). There is no such thing as a moral relativist in the pure sense of the word. The ideology of moral relativism in practice is anarchy and chaos. Societies and communities cannot function without rules, boundaries, or an underlying moral code that participants in that society and community agree to abide by.

That said, this post considers why California’s government and citizens are able and willing to propose abolishing reparative therapy for those desiring to leave a lifestyle that they do not want to live any longer? Specifically, why are they against allowing those who are believers in the Christian faith and who believe that the lifestyle they are in is against their understanding of Christian doctrine and who desire professional or parishioner assistance?  It doesn’t make sense to deny someone mental health services because you disagree with their rational for desiring those services.

This post is aimed at Christians who have their tail-feathers ruffled over the current proposition being considered in California.  If you are upset at the current moral decay that you see in society and you want everyone to believe like you believe then please keep reading.  I am not here to tickle your ears though.  I hope your ears are burning after you read this and that God works in our lives to push us towards repentance that has some action behind it.

Take a moment to read Romans 1 and 2. As you read answer the following questions:

Romans 1

  1. Who was the letter addressed to and where did they live?
  2. What benefit is there for believing the ‘gospel of Christ’ and who is Christ or what does that term mean?
  3. I am thinking specifically of one avenue of entertainment that meets the description of verse 23. What idol do you believe this takes the form of today?  How are you handling the temptation of worshiping that idol? Do you compromise in the name of entertainment and to escape a long day at work or home?
  4. What sins did Paul identify in verse 29?

Romans 2

  1. This is the meat of this post – in chapter 2 verse 1 who is Paul addressing?
  2. What are the attributes of God according to Paul, and what happens when we encounter God’s character?
  3. It is very important to understand who is being talked to in chapter 2 and what about. Verses 5 through 11 – who does this apply to?
  4. How would verse 13 look if fully applied to your life?
    If you are having trouble understanding how to apply verse 13 then what does your conscience and secret thoughts do to your belief in God’s judgment towards you? Are you guilty? Are you pursuing the things of God or do you secretly practice the things in chapter 1 verses 29-32?
  5. Although verses 17 through 24 are aimed at Roman Jews, how do we measure up to these accusations?

And this is where the answer to this post is found regarding California’s philosophical agenda. When people observe Christians today are they able to distinguish between a believer and a non-believer? Do we watch rampant sex on our televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones? Do we get excited by violent dramas? Do we gorge ourselves on unhealthy foods, drinks, television shows, movies, videos, and physical entertainment like theme parks, night clubs, strip joints, video games, graphic novels, and more?

California can push their “you can’t get help even if you want it” agenda because they know that Christians are not reading their Bibles and are not practicing their faith other than through words alone. They are not afraid of Christians from a legal standpoint because our society is no longer held together by common morality and the basis for our laws is no longer Biblical in formation but relative, designed for moving us towards absolute freedom which is anarchy and chaos.  Safety will be through brute force and large numbers only.

So my message is this – clean up your own house before you go jumping around with your words about California banning the Bible, reparative therapy or any number of things that go against what you say, but not what you do. If you were brought into court as an example of a Christian then would you be guilty of adultery, fornication, sexual immorality, violence, coveting, etc…? It is not easy to examine ourselves as Paul encourages us to do in 1 Corinthians 11:27-28.

Do we desire the things of God or do we desire the lusts of the flesh? I argue that the children of God are in rebellion against their beliefs and have pursued the created thing instead of the Creator. I am guilty. Are you?  Oh be careful little eyes what you see.  Oh be careful little ears what you hear.

“Or do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance?”

Romans 2:4 NKJV


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