Death of a prominent evangelical – R.C. Sproul

Interview with R.C. Sproul before his recent death.

“R.C. Sproul died Thursday at age 78. Months before the theologian’s final illness, WORLD founder Joel Belz interviewed him at Ligonier Ministries headquarters in Sanford, Fla. Here’s an edited transcript of their conversation.”

From the interview:

Do you come to the end of a sermon and say, “I’ve got to have an application here?”

No. I’ve been criticized more than once for not having more specific application to my preaching. Some of the greatest preachers, like Edwards, would always have a section of application. I haven’t done that. I see the Scripture as a lion in a cage—and I’m just letting the lion loose.

Let the lion apply it. The spirit will take the content of the word of God and show the implications personally to the people there. That’s my hope and I trust in that because I’m just not good at it. What I’m trying to do is tell people what the word of God says—and then say: Now look, what are you going to do about it.

From me:

If you have about ten to fifteen minutes then the article is worth reading.  It highlights some key changes within the evangelical church through the past fifty years or more and gives insight into a couple of other areas of Christian ministry and laity.  I did not know much about R.C. Sproul other than he existed and that some preachers would refer to him from time to time.

Enjoy.  He sounded like a great man to know.


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