Don’t fire the art teacher!!!

Trump mock assassination town hall

So there is this video of a teacher firing a squirt gun at now President Trump during the inauguration ceremony and saying, “Die, die!”  or something along those lines.  Low and behold, the video surfaced and now the witch trail begins.

Having been a high school teacher for a short stint it is difficult to not feel sorry for this teacher.  I am a conservative, a Constitutional Party supporter (at least in terms of policies I would like to see implemented, but I have no money to give them!), a religious person (specifically Christianity in case you are new to the site), and I still think she should not be fired.

It happened in an art classroom for one.  This is an art teacher.  I love art in its various forms other than most of the new stuff that is like random displays of super market food in various patterns which is just weird. Image result for modern art

Back to the point.  I am going to stereotype this person severely here: she is probably super creative, wears her emotions on her sleeve, super awesome at communicating, and totally up front with her opinions with her students.  I bet she is not afraid of debate within the classroom and I hope she would not be mean to a student who disagreed with her.  I would venture to say that almost all of her students found the display humorous because they ‘know’ their art teacher.  She shot a squirt gun at him.  If he were actually there he would have at the worst gotten wet physically, and emotionally he might have been disturbed that the lady was shouting “die” while shooting him with water (although initially reports would have gone out that it was thought to be acid and that is why the secret service blasted this woman into oblivion).

What other options are there (I only came up with one)?  Instead of firing the lady, use it as a learning point where art, politics, economics, philosophy, etc… are integrated into a special class for the students to discuss with the teacher what happened so that they can have open dialogue about what is going on in our country?

I don’t know what else to do that makes sense, but firing her is only going to make the situation worse, not better.  Trump should intervene, maybe go to the school to have a private conversation with her (obviously frisk her for squirt guns first).  She is on trial by America for displaying her disagreement inappropriately in a land that values free expression.  Was it okay to say, “die!” as she squirted his image?  It was meant to be comic relief that went a little too far in terms of perceived intentions.  Maybe now the left will understand why videos going viral may not show the whole story.  The benefit of the doubt is huge in these snippets that get pulled out of context.

Please don’t hurt this art class because of one mistake.  Students need art, at least I did.  I lived for art class in high school and college.

And I know that if this were reversed as far as the president being Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton then the media would have a field day with this being racist, sexist, xenophobic (I don’t even know what this word means), or whatever they could come up with, but hopefully the administration will take the higher ground and use this as a stepping stone in this woman’s career to help her be more professional in her expressions of disagreement inside of her classroom, and as a learning opportunity for the students.



9 thoughts on “Don’t fire the art teacher!!!

  1. Mama Moose

    I don’t know if I agree. If this had been a student they would have gotten expelled for 1. Having a gun (even though it was a squirt gun) and saying “Die! Die!” would be considered a threat. As an adult she should have used better judgement and not thrown her political views in the classroom be it “art expression” or not.


    1. My point is that 1)it is difficult to get a teacher’s license, 2) tjere is not enough productive dialogue about these issues and that is why she expressed her views how she did, 3)we are too severe on our students – we need to stop the madness somewhere, 4) I wouldn’t want someone fired for doing this to a Democrat president. I know most will disagree with me and had the tables been turned and she were a Republican or Conservative then she would be finished, but tjere is something to be said for turning the other cheek in this situation (Matthew 5:38-48). Kindness, mercy, grace. Forgive up to 70 x 7 (Matthew 18:22). Vengeance is not ours and kindness heaps hot coals on the ‘enemy’s’ head.


  2. Mama Moose

    You can’t allow one person get away with something like this and punish another for the exact same thing. So how can that be fixed? You either punish everyone the same or get rid of the policies in place. There is no win-win.

    If she is not fired she needs to be punished somehow or what she did will be viewed as ok.


    1. Agree with all you just wrote. Rewrite the policies. Pit new ones in place to push people towards peaceful expression, and yes, she should be disciplined for lack of a better word. The purpose of discipline is correcting poor judgment and behavior that doesn’t conform with rules, regulations, social norms, etc. It is supposed to be a positive thing but can feel very bad. We will have to wait and see what the school system does.


  3. Ma K

    Not surprisingly, I totally disagree, and in my opinion, there is absolutely no doubt she should be fired. People in authority are held more accountable, not less, because they influence other people. Moses didn’t get to see the Promised Land not just because of his disobedience, but because he was a LEADER. God holds those in authority to a higher standard. The teacher should not have done that to anyone, but especially the President. And I would feel that way no matter who was president, including Obama, who you know I personally could not stand. You certainly got more feedback from this one–possibly the shock effect? Lol. Love you!


    1. While I hear what you are saying, I just don’t see firing her as fixing the problem. We have a major cultural, political, economic, societal problem where the two sides are drawing lines. Will it yield another civil war? We had taxation without representation coupled with economic and government structure issues that lead to the revolution. After that the federalist (elites) and anti-federalist were hard at each other but the constitution laid the smack down to shut down the anti-federalist, the Civil War was again an extension of the federalist and anti-federalist big federal government verses states rights (to include their own treasuries and printing of money, the economy of slavery, militias verses standing armies), women’s rights followed by civil rights, and now we are at another cusp of change that is basically secular humanism and all that it entails under the guise of communism and socialism against the dying values and world views of the religious. Firing this woman would only keep digging the trench lines in the war that is currently mostly academic and policy driven. But eventually there could be large scale violence behind it by either side. I am a fan of peace and possibly a more passive approach. War is not the answer but we are being lead to believe that it is possibly our only option. We all need to be praying for wisdom.


    1. I agree if it had been a student they would have been gone. But that is the madness I am talking about. It was a water gun. Our schools are indoctrinating a fear of guns instead of teaching them how to think and disagree peaceably. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall inherit the earth.


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