I’m a white male with my own thoughts… 

I hate  you  all.  You know who you are.  The media will tell you if you still don’t have a clue.  Simply because I am a white man in America I hate everyone who is different than me.  Apparently that includes my wife.  I didn’t know this. 

I guess that means that I can no longer  share a conversation with anyone who has a darker skin color than me.  For those who know me that pretty much rules out over half of the ‘white’  population.  

Richards and O’Brien in their book called Misreading Scripture With Western Eyes (2012) they bring some clarity to why I get upset over people claiming I am a racist,  sexist,  male chauvinist,  homophobic zealot pig simply because I am a white man,  or at least that is what others identify me as.  I don’t see me as white.   It has to do with how our culture has trained  me: 

So what goes without being said –  especially by white Western males – about ethnicity? First of all,  many white Westerners  feel that the worst thing they could be called is a racist.  We know deep down that we’re not supposed to make value distinctions between people  of different ethnicities,  as if it’s better to be white or black or whatever.  Because we’re hesitant to make value distinctions –  and rightfully so –  we’re often slow to make any distinctions at all.  Thus it goes without being said for many that to be truly equal,  everyone must be the same.  That is what we mean by being colorblind: the belief that ethnic differences don’t matter.  Of course it would be fine if what we meant is that everyone should be treated as if they were the same –  and by same,  what is frequently meant is majority culture. 

Consequently,  we are trained to assume that ethnicity is unimportant and that prejudice on the basis of ethnicity  is an impossible motivation for behavior.  We avoid making an issue “a race issue”  unless there’s no way around it, because we have convinced ourselves that ethnicity is no longer a factor in social situations.  This leaves us somewhat schizophrenic,  because we all know that we carry latent prejudices  privately while we are trained to pretend publicly that we don’t. (pg.  55)

Life is not fair.  Some get molested,  raped,  born into a life of poverty with little education to be had,  physically,  emotionally,  verbally abused,  neglected,  etc.   Your pain is real.  

If you have been discriminated against because of the way you dress,  how you talk,  your mannerisms,  the color of your skin,  your religious beliefs or lack their of,  or any number of things then I do not feel sorry for you.  I do want to encourage you though.  

Brush them off.  Take 100% responsibility for your life.  If you don’t like the outcome from those experiences then change your response.  Take the hard knocks that life has smacked you around with and don’t get hateful or seek revenge but use these events as stepping stones to create as close to a utopia for yourself as you can create without infringing on the life,  liberty,  and pursuit of happiness of others.  Not easy,  right? 

It is much easier to hate,  or so it seems.  But ask Alabama players if hate can sustain you? They lost the BCS championship game because they played with hate and malice.  Clemson was motivated by having something to prove and by their  love for one another. 

Same for combat. A hatred for the opposing force yields poor decisions.  Respect the opposition and seek peace whenever possible. Dialog and reason shoukd rule the day not war (here’s a plug to push Trump to stop the drone assassination doctrine).  

I don’t hate anyone.  I disagree with a lot of people,  even most of my white male coworkers.  I am human.  So are you.  


4 thoughts on “I’m a white male with my own thoughts… 

    1. Booo, I have been moved to second place. I guess that makes sense. Don’t worry, he is your son-in-law and bound to mess up at some point. I see multiple favorite position changes through the years ahead. Ha! Tell your husband that I was thinking about him yesterday and wondering how he was doing. I will try to remember to contact him soon. – Keith


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