How complicated can the alien issue be? 

Not saying it is true,  but let’s assume aliens or extraterrestrial life forms are real.  Why would there be only one species of aliens that have discovered us? If one other species discovered earth then we are already presupposing that they are intelligent enough to get here.  And we are assuming that their understanding of physics,  laws of nature,  mathematics,  chemistry,  quantum mechanics,  etc… follows what we know.  We assume that we would be able to see them and that space time travel (think hyper drives from Star Trek or Star Wars,  or even further into science fiction with actual past/future time travel like Back to the Future movies) is possible, at least to an extent.  But wouldn’t we be wrong to assume those things?

What is listed below is strictly dealing with alien presence theories.  I am not concerned with other worldviews.  This is just an exercise in brain-storming what the whole “what if aliens are real” theories could mean.  However, the first note will quickly examine aliens not being real but options for why we might be told that they are.  So,  without further fanfare or ado,  here are all of the theories about aliens that I can imagine in no particular order:

  1. Aliens cannot exist due to probability theory regarding the origin of intelligent life being so improbable,  therefore….
    1. Alien conspiracies (UFOs, body snatchings) are ploys by defense departments around the world who need to hide what they are doing under extraterrestrial encounters and sightings.
    2. Alien theories are ways for NASA and private corporations to gain more funding for space exploration on unprecedented levels (while NASA’s budget has been slashed, they are still receiving a significant amount of funding).
    3. Aliens are really demons and Satan will manifest as the leader of these aliens (a.k.a. the Anti-Christ) when the Apocalypse happens.
    4. Alien conspiracies are pushed by cable television networks since their viewership is drying up from the invention of the internet with its streaming capability.
  2. Aliens do exist and they are not much more advanced than us but they are advanced enough to be in and around earth observing us before making contact.  This presupposes that they would be almost parallel to us in terms of the sciences.  All other facets are unknown (other than annihilation of anyone not like them is not their first priority!).
  3. Aliens do exist but they are invisible to us because in order to travel through space and time in a manner that allows them to visit other places before they die (this assumes that they cannot live for hundreds and thousands of years and is based on something like the Second Law of Thermodynamics?) then they would need to have found a way to go faster than time?  This could mean that they would not exists in our visual time spectrum?  I have no idea, but for some reason they are invisible.  Maybe its quantum cloaking.
  4. There are multiple alien species and they are at war with each other.  Earth is a resource rich environment or a livable habitat that is being considered for a staging base or new planet for one of the species to occupy.  Eventually we will be given a choice to join with them or die.
  5. Aliens do exist but they are no where near as advanced as we are and that is why we are exploring space like never before (although I think we are exploring space to find a new planet to occupy because our leaders know that this world is doomed for one reason or another).  We want to discover alien life somewhere else but it will be in the form of unintelligent creatures.
  6. There are multiple alien species and they are traveling the cosmos like on Star Trek observing new species to better understand what is happening in the cosmos (will the cosmos eventually contract back on itself and redo the big bang if that is indeed how all of this began?)
  7. We have existed for a LONG time to the extent that humans in the past developed technology and science beyond what we know today.  They knew the earth was going to die and get reborn again for one reason or another (meteor? massive volcanic explosions? solar flare? nuclear disaster? other?) and they were able to leave before the event happened, then they came back to see how earth made out.  Low and behold, life still existed and had gone through a ton of transformations beyond what they could imagine.  They have some sort of moral or philosophical reason for not revealing themselves yet, but they are slowly demonstrating that they are real.  Maybe they see our technology and think that we are going to repeat a nuclear war?
  8. We are an alien farm being raised for the slaughter, or our planet has a resource that needed to be farmed by us for the aliens to come back and reap.
  9. We are an alien experiment similar to Divergent or Blade Runner but on a cosmic level.
  10. We are an alien experiment for an unfathomable reason.
  11. Aliens are real and they have tried to help us through the  years but we have misinterpreted their revelations as being gods.  All the major religions are products of misguided alien intervention.
  12. List more in the comments if you can come up with another option for aliens being real…


One thought on “How complicated can the alien issue be? 

  1. Mama Moose

    #8 is horrible. My question is, why should I worry (or if worry is not the right word, why should I spend my time thinking) about aliens/life on other planets? If they are here and going to be revealed/reveal themselves one day, I serve a God who knows this is going to happen. And I have to trust that whether I live or die by an aliens hand (if they really are real, and they really want to come and sacrifice our earthly bodies) that I will be in heaven with Jesus after that happens. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own….” That is all. 🙂


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