We are idiots,  all of us… 

​I think the depth of our own deception is amusing and sad.   We,  as humans,  see ourselves as these super advanced beings,  but we are horrible creatures.  There is so much that we don’t understand and we have developed technology that we use but don’t fully grasp and say,  “look how smart we be”.  We observe Pluto,  Europa,  Jupiter, Saturn and put a UAV on Mars,  but have no idea how all the information we glean works together.  We say we know and we like to believe what we say, but it only takes a new discovery to crash our theories into oblivion such as dark energy,  quantum and nano physics observations,  and the supernatural occurrences of man (and yes they do happen).  We strive to create artificial intelligence and we don’t even understand our own intelligence or the lack there of. We think people are better off as automated machines to be controlled and manipulated without understanding that we are more than flesh and blood,  and even that is difficult if not impossible to prove,  but it is obvious in the depths of each person when they search their heart and mind for why they are who they claim to be and why they act the way the do.  We are hurt and broken people who need each other.  Love is greater than science and relationships are more important than understanding Mars or Pluto.

“Greater love has no man than this,  than he who lays down his life for his friends.” Gospel of John (I don’t remember where,  maybe 15:38?)  I pray  that after you read this you will go make friends…and Facebook doesn’t count. Hug someone. 

I love you. 



4 thoughts on “We are idiots,  all of us… 

  1. SANDRA MONTS says:

    Hugs and love to you, my precious Grandson, Granny

  2. ourroughedges says:

    Virtual hug! Does that count? 😉

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