Be happy,  be healthy… 

​Proberbs 17:22 “A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones.” (NKJV)

Science confirms this 2500 year old verse. 

I had to explain it to my two older children tonight.  It was in a song that one of them heard on their cd player.  

I would do well to remember this verse myself.  My wife and I are reading through a couple of marriage books and one of them asked when we had been the most happy as an individual in our life.  We started talking about what makes us happy now and I struggled for an answer.  I love the laughter of my children though.  Otherwise I think I am a fairly depressed and otherwise unhappy person.  Part of this is due to having super high expectations for my life that not even Jesus, Buddha, or Mother 

Teresa could meet.  But that is a story for another day.  

So here’s to trying to stay happy for hopefully longer years filled with the laughter of my children. 



4 thoughts on “Be happy,  be healthy… 

  1. SANDRA MONTS says:

    True happiness for me is in knowing the Lord as my Savior. Yes, sometimes I have to rethink what true happiness is. I love to be with family, watch grands and spouses and their children and how they grow. One of the happiest times for me is worshiping with my church family, doing something for others and other things.
    Sometimes we expect to be happy as humans are for earthly things, but there are times we get down/depressed.
    Love you and am so very proud of you and all you have accomplished and how you continue to do more and more.
    You continue to amaze me as you bare your soul.
    Prayers for you and your family daily, Love, Granny

    • I think I associate happiness with being free of responsibility. When my children start doing some serious laughing it is so fun to be around. Laughter is definitely contagious.

      I wonder if I still laugh how they do sometimes, but I know that some of their laughter is because they are care free. I wonder if there is laughter in heaven? Laughter tends to be at the expense of someone else, whether they are also enjoying the joke or not. “Clean” jokes are based on something being taken out of context, changing words around, talking about our shortcomings, etc… Will we have anything to laugh about in heaven? It will be so wonderful that laughter may actually be foolish if it were to enter the heavenly realm. Maybe that will be a part of hell – jokes that are no longer funny because of the seriousness of the situation. Could the Jesus returning usher in a future without laughter?


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  2. Brian says:

    Wadley, always great to read your thoughts and appreciate your candor. I think of happiness as being associated with the emotions of this world – hearing your favorite song on the radio, finally reaching the itch on your back, paying off that final bill. But things of Godly value, like when you first found salvation, when someone you love finds Gods grace, or when you are following His plan – those are the times I have experienced true joy. Joy is what I believe we will have in heaven. And true laughter is the natural response from the overflow of joy. Sure, laughter can come from various sources and for a lot of reasons, but it is an involuntary response to true joy. Just my thoughts

    • I thought you had disappeared. Glad you get the posts. I am not sure if I distinguish joy from happiness but I think I do. Joy might be defined as delighted contentment? Joy is more filling than happiness and satisfying and lasting. Happiness is fleeting and childlike to me. I don’t want happiness, I want joy, contentment, delight. Either way all of these things are fleeting for me. I completely understand and agree that eternal things tend to bring deeper joy. I get that, I just don’t have that.

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