Trump won, seriously?

I did not vote for Trump. I did not vote for Clinton either. I did vote.

So for those thinking that I am biased towards Trump because I claim to be a Christian, read on..

aocFirst off, I was wrong about my conspiracy theory that Hillary was going to win because the system is corrupt. The system is still corrupt, but Hillary did not win. I am not sure what to make of that. When polling data says that she has a lead of 1 to 2 points and then the final tally blows the polling margin of error out of the water then this tells me:

  1. Polls are worthless and should never be used again.
  2. Polls are manipulated in how they are conducted and are not to be trusted, especially when the media (BBC, CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, etc.) are pushing an agenda and have already been open about their bias.
  3. Is there a third option?

Secondly, are you drinking the Trump Kool-Aid?

Does it make you angry when people talk about him in a non-positive way? Is your anger righteous anger at that point or are you a little too invested in this person? Trump is not what America needs any more than Clinton would have been if you are a literal Constitutionalist. If something is not right in America then an amendment to the Constitution should remedy that, not the establishing of a new agency within the already bloated executive established bureaus.  Executive orders are not how laws are created and my hope is that Donald Trump falls in line with Constitutional powers and limits – putting our Representatives and Senators back on the hot seat for fixing this mess that they put us in.

And what about the Department of Defense? This machine is way out of control in terms of spending. While the world might be ‘flat’ in terms of resources and wealth we cannot afford (literally) to police the world so that our corporations and weapons manufacturers can proliferate and prosper on the sweat, blood, and tears of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines – the common folks of society who volunteer to serve. I am not a complete isolationist, but it is just like marriage and parenting – if you do not take care of yourself first then you cannot be the best that you can be for your spouse and children.

America has larger problems than who our president is or is not.

We have presuppositional problems.  Natural law verses Naturalist philosophy.

There has to be a way for both of these worldviews to exist side-by-side in America or we are not going to make it as a nation.  Donald Trump being president does not change that.


3 thoughts on “Trump won, seriously?

  1. Ma K

    I love you, Keith, but completely disagree with you. I have relationships with people who voted for Hillary and they have not unfriended me on FB, because I have disagreed with them respectfully. A true friendship means we are both free to express our opinions, even if we disagree. But what is at stake here is much bigger than simply two people. They stood for two completely different Americas on everything that is important to me. Even Billy Graham put out a magazine with the two platforms of the two major candidates saying “Two Different Americas” or words to that effect. The biggest thing at stake here is the Supreme Court, and Trump has promised to nominate conservative judges, who follow the constitution, while Hillary has promised to nominate liberal judges. Their decisions will affect the United States for at least the next generation, possibly more, for good or evil. Hillary stood on a platform that was dishonoring to God. She would have continued Obama’s extreme stance on catering to the transgenders and gays, continued taking away our religious liberties, continued funding of Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars (who was exposed as not just providing millions of abortions but also selling baby organs), continued to keep our borders open to allow illegals to come in droves without finding out who they are, continued to take money from Saudi Princes in exchange for something we do not yet know (but scary for America), continued to give favors to people who gave the Clinton Foundation money, and much, much more. Her criminal activity as Secretary of State makes her unfit to even be able to run. Trump is far from perfect, but neither is he the horrible human being that Hillary portrayed him to be. I believe with all my heart God will use him to get our nation back on track, protect our borders (which I believe is the number one responsibility of our government), appoint conservative judges, help get our economy back on track, allow for religious freedom, etc…. Do I believe it is his responsibility alone? Of course not. We as the Church must do what we have been doing this past 2 years, which is wake up and cry out to God and BE the Church and take dominion over the earth and help turn our nation back to God. God always chooses to work through flawed human beings, including people like Trump, and all indications are he is a new Christian, with the right heart, who God can use. If he does not follow through on one single promise, which I believe he will, we will still be better off than if Hillary had gotten into office. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan. Proverbs 29:2. That’s not just about the presidency. I believe we need to follow Franklin Graham’s exhortation to be salt and light everywhere we go, including getting involved and considering running for office at the school board, city council, state and federal levels. I read the other day that Satan wants to destroy America because 90% of the Gospel going out to the nations of the world is funded by the USA. I believe God wants to continue to use us to continue to do that. We have been given another chance to get our nation back on track, and I pray we will not take that lightly.


    1. I don’t disagree with any of what you wrote. Trump is better than Hillary would have been for a traditional, conservative, republic America. I was and am frustrated because I saw repentance start taking place in the lives of people around me as they drew close to God when they thought Hillary was getting elected the months and weeks prior to November 8th. But the day after, when Trump swept the elections, people no longer were talking about God. They were actually talking more openly about the things they don’t like and scaring me a little. It was like all the politically correct barriers were down (which I am a fan of) but nothing was tempered with the love of Christ.

      So I lean more towards Trump getting into office because Satan saw the revival that would have swept the nation if Hillary had gotten in as detrimental to his strategy. Does he want to destroy America? Not as much as he wants people to join him in hell. Trump in office means people are putting their trust back in a man instead of back in God. That is frustrating. Trump getting elected doesn’t fix the corruption that is rampant and we will soon find out just how deep the corruption runs as he tries to get some of these reforms in place only to find out that the Republicans in the Congress and Senate are in on the whole gig.

      This world disgust me and I am walking a fine line of allegiance to this nation that I once served proudly. I despise the current covert operations taking place in the Middle East and Africa where we are killing people in the name of preserving our freedoms but with no oversight from the public or buy in from us? Or how we collapse regimes and economies to suit our interests commercially, what is that about? In the end, this world is not my home but I do not want to be so ‘heavenly minded’ that I am no ‘earthly good’. But I think that is a cheap saying for under-cutting where our true focus should be each and every day – on living out the gospel of Jesus Christ for the world to see. Men and their governments will always fail us. I think Trump getting elected just bought another 4 years of complacency from Christians for pursuing Jesus with the intensity of that iguana off Planet Earth II escaping from the snakes. I want to pursue Jesus like that.

      I am hopeful that this election woke up a majority of folks to start doing exactly what you said about focusing on our local levels for involvement. At a minimum we should all be aware of our city council meeting minutes and what is getting done in our cities at these councils. That is a real easy place to start.

      Not sure why your comment went to spam. Hopefully that won’t happen again.


  2. Ma K

    I have no doubt that many will go back to complacency, but–like you said–I hope with all of my heart that most of the church does not. So many in the church woke up to the danger of what would have happened if Hillary had gotten in, and if she had, I don’t believe our nation would have ever recovered. God can bring revival even in gross darkness and sin, but I also believe with enough people awake and alert and seeking His face, He can bring revival and reformation and transformation to our nation IN OUR DAY. I guess time will tell. But wouldn’t that be amazing to be a part of that if it does? I want you and Heather and your children, as well as our other children and grandchildren, to see and experience a move of God such as we have never experienced before. And not just to watch it–to encounter the Living God and be filled with the Holy Spirit, and be used by God to preach the Gospel, make disciples, and heal the sick and raise the dead. I’m tired of a powerless, dead church. Thanks for responding back! And letting me rant!


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