Intelligent creation,  evolution,  or alien design…. 

Ha! I love the title to this post.  So check it out,  I am reading a great little book for school that reads:

To demonstrate genetic similarity is not to prove descent or even physical relationship.  To argue that similarity proves descent or relationship is clearly an example of circumstantial reasoning,  for a common design employed by a singular creative force,  to enable different life forms to survive in a common environment,  would produce the same effect. –  L.  Rush Bush,  the Advancement (2003),  pg 71

You would have to read this section to get the full effect but it left me with a humorous antidote. 

As the theory of evolution has been crumbling under scientific inquiry in the past 20 years I can totally imagine the relief of those looking for an answer outside  of a moral godlike figure IF an intelligent alien or host of intelligent aliens were to show up and say,  “Hey earthlings,  how are things going since we got your planet started after a couple of failed attempts?”  (reference spontaneous creation of multicelled organisms without an evolutionary fossil record).   I am probably the only one laughing.  More than likely I lost everyone back at “intelligent alien”.  😉 

So where do you stand? Evolution,  intelligent but amoral designer,  or Almighty God Maker of Heaven and Earth?

Now for the million dollar question… Why? 


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