Aliens, demons, and theology…

Okay folks, so this is long overdue.  I have done a fair amount of reading lately in scientific exploration circles and the bottom line is this:

We will discover life outside of earth inside of the next ten years.

I am sure that people laughed at the notion that man would be on the moon or try to go live on another planet, but one has happened and the other is about to happen.

Science is pulling hard for life outside of our planet for a multitude of reasons.  First, it would fill in some gaps for how life began here.  Second, it would create a further divide between science and religion, especially those that espouse a Creator being for how all of this began against the secular humanist crowd. nasa-budget-federal-svg Third, it justifies federal funding for space exploration which has seen significant budget cuts in the past two decades (it has been pushed into the private sector).

But science is not quite buying into the intelligent alien life planting us here theory just yet.  But they are willing to say that some sort of organic compounds came to this planet via a meteorite or some sort of cosmic event (see this article from NPR).  And yet they are definitely looking at us to inhabit other planets:

“It will be there a very long time,” he says. “If the conditions are right, then maybe a time will come to migrate to any planets that might be around Proxima. It’s four light-years away, so it would take generations of humans to get there. Certainly very difficult, but some day in the far future people may be faced with an alternative that’s considerably worse.” – Avi Loeb, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

So where does the demon thing come into play?

So here is where things are going to step into the Twilight Zone for both believers and non-believers (and I mean that in multiple ways).

In conspiracy theory circles intelligent alien life has existed for as long as earth has been around.  In fact, the prevailing theory is that we were put here by aliens as either an experiment, or to be slaughtered when we have over-populated the planet, or for some other extra-terrestrial purpose.  Within Christian circles this theory says that Jehovah and Jesus are actually aliens and that is why God was credited with walking among mankind in the first few hundred years of the Old Testament writings.

Take Numbers 16 as an example.  Conspiracy theorist would argue that this is a great example of alien interaction with the Hebrew people.  The alien (God) is physically among them.  It walks among them and there is a division that arises because of this.  Long story short, the alien (God) causes the earth to open up and swallow a bunch of people and basically vaporizes 250 others leaving their fire pans and fires still burning by their own burning bodies.  Then the people blame Moses and Aaron and the alien (God) causes a plague to start in the community but Aaron is able to run to where it is spreading and stop it by burning incense in his fire pan and made atonement for the people.  Incense stopped the plague? And why did it take God a full day before acting against the rebellious people?  Why not do it immediately?  How did Moses know the ground would open up?

Yahweh is an alien.jpgFor anyone who has never considered that the God of the Hebrews might have been an intelligent extraterrestrial being then this all sounds stupid and crazy, a complete fabrication of the insane lunatic who refuse to acknowledge the authority of God over their life, “rebellious folks continually find ways to get out of believing”.

In the last 100 plus years, a theory has emerged that says UFOs and alien abductions are those very alien beings coming back to take over. Do a Google search for aliens are demons and you hit my next point: Within Christian circles the counter point to these theories is two-fold: aliens are actually DEMONS; or aliens are fabricated by mankind to advance mankinds own agenda.

What?!  This is totally crazy, Keith!  I know, I know.  Stay with me though.

So within Christian circles these aliens are actually demons who are executing Satan’s plan to take over earth.  After all, Satan has dominion over this world for now (Luke 4:5-7).  So the plan is that Satan is going to reveal himself as an alien or has already done so and we are being propagandized into getting used to the idea of alien life (how many movies in the past 20 years have been geared towards aliens coming to earth or being discovered somewhere in the cosmos?).  Think about the sheer volume of other worldly movies, books, and scientific inquiry that has taken place since the late 1800s.  We have moved from the aliens being robotic humanoids or small bacteria like organisms into creatures that kill indiscriminately as in Europa Report (2013) if we step on their turf.  Even comic books are geared towards shaping your perception of intelligent alien life and having you wrestle through whether their ‘super’ powers are beneficial to the human race or not.  And what about Super Man?  Is this not a setup for believing that an alien can save mankind from self-destructing by policing our world for us?  We just have to agree to let him have free reign to execute judgment and the law as he sees fit.

But check out this paragraph from an article off

The Catholic Church has come a long way since the days of Galileo. Pope Francis made headlines when he said he would baptize Martians. Many were surprised at the Pope’s remarks, but the Vatican has been positive about aliens for many years. Father Jose Gabriel Funes, a priest and an astronomer, views aliens as brothers and said the Church has no problem with the idea of intelligent life in the cosmos. Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno is the first clergyman to win the Carl Sagan Medal and the current president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation. In a 2014 article in the Christian Post, Consolmagno said “the general public will not be too surprised when life on other planets is eventually discovered, and will react in much the same way it did when news broke in the ’90s that there are other planets orbiting far off stars.”

So if the Pope is on board with this and NASA (just check out these articles and let it sink in) has already made it known that they fully expect to find life in the next ten years (by 2025), then what if Satan had already let himself be known to the elites of the world and now they are making it easier on mankind to make the transition from religious theology to other worldly theology?

So Satan would show up, get everyone stirred up to demolish religions, establish a one-world government, and secular humanism would rule the day under the guidance and tutelage of this ‘alien’ being.  Or we would worship the alien (demon) for saving us and making earth the utopia it was always destined to become…

Here is my take: whenever, if ever, an intelligent alien life reveals itself to mankind, I am not going to take it at face value, nor do I think anyone should.  Prove to me that you are an alien from another planet, galaxy, or wherever you say you are from.  jesus-returnsMake a worldview (or in this case a cosmic view) argument that is logical, coherent, scientific, and that doesn’t contradict itself.  Once this has happened, then we can talk theology or the need to do away with belief in God the Creator, lover of my soul.  Until then, maybe it will be an alien, maybe it will be a demon, or maybe Jesus will be inbound.

Here is one response regarding Christians and alien life:

If you are interested in leaving the demon thing out of the picture and want to ponder what alien life would mean for Christianity then you need to read this article:

Sorry it took so long to get this out.  I figured everyone would think I am crazy but hopefully I have provided enough links to show that I am not off my rocker and that at a minimum our theologians need to address this issue before it hits the front pages.


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2 thoughts on “Aliens, demons, and theology…

  1. Beth Gordon says:

    I gotta say I love the way your mind works, my friend. It’s one of the things that makes you you. 🙂 Although I have read a little about what you mentioned, I have paid much attention as my focus is on learning more about what the Bible says. It will be interested reading the links you referenced in this article. Thanks the time you spend and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

    • I know this topic is way out there for most folks, whether believers or nonbelievers. I just do not want to wait until it happens to know theologically where I stand. The two links at the bottom are all you need. The other links just let people know that I am not making this stuff up.

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