Create your own narrative…

To get to the point:


People, let’s all get real for a second and understand that what you put into that tissue between your ears via your eyes, ears, nose, and senses will determine how you think.  In a way this is extremely empowering.  Say you want to finally stick to a new way of eating and have been unsuccessful the past 500 times.  Have you ever tried to incorporate other sensory aspects besides just creating a grocery list and then being horrified by what you bought and put in your pantry, fridge, and freezer?

Do this instead:

  1. Read motivational books that align with your diet program
  2. Create a visual picture book of outfits you want to fit into, races to compete in, or whatever your reasoning is for wanting to get in shape (if it is to stay alive then put pictures of your family in it)
  3. Past motivational notes throughout your refrigerator and pantry that tell you things like how awesome you are and how proud you are of yourself for sticking to the plan.  Read them.  Don’t just gloss over them.
  4. Join a social networking group dedicated to encouraging and motivating each other.  Just because you failed at one meal doesn’t mean you are a failure.  Get back on the healthy track and attack.

In other words, if you surround yourself with what you want to become then you will become that type of person.

If you only watch CNN or Fox News then you will only get one perception.  For those people losing their minds over this election ask yourself some questions:

  1. Who is more responsible for policies that impact your life? The president? Congress? Local school board? Local council or mayor?
  2. Besides debating about which candidate is less of a socio-path than the other, are you getting involved in local politics in your community or are you volunteering at an organization that is making a positive impact based on your beliefs?
  3. Do you ever feel encouraged after watching the news or reading political fodder online?  Then why are you reading it?  To stay informed? Really? The president, senate, and house of representatives at the state and federal levels all put out updates on their websites.  Get your information from there for what is really taking place instead of getting it from narrative generators.

Create your own narrative.  Trust in the Constitution and get involved in your local community in order to be the change that you want to see.  Instead of saying how much you hate people who are different than you, get to know those people and try to find some common ground that you can both work towards – like building a local park (and you can both seek funding your own ways – one from the public sector and one from the private – ha!).  Turn off the television, radio talk show hosts, and stop reading newspapers and social media.  You are being manipulated.


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3 thoughts on “Create your own narrative…

  1. SANDRA MONTS says:


  2. Lisa Wadley says:

    I agree. we tend to tune into others ideas without doing the questioning on our own. Thanks

  3. Beth Gordon says:

    Very True!

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