Why Islam Will Rule America…

Can you succinctly state your life philosophy and what rules govern you in a broad sense?

Do you have millions of people who believe that same life philosophy and who follow those same rules without deviation?

It’s okay.  You are not alone in your aloneness.

Islam, to include it’s militant extension, is going to rule the world at some point in the future unless another organized religion or philosophy becomes as militant too.

Since I am removed from the loop regarding other nations and cultures at this point in my life, I will speak for Americans.  We have Catholics, Protestants, Non-denominational Christians, Buddhists along with fringe Buddhist style groups, Hindus, Atheist, Post Modern Relativist, Agnostics, Theist, Environmentalist/Save the World from Humans folks, and Muslims.

There are only two groups in that list that have the capability to militarize and take over countries where their numbers are significant: Catholics and Muslims.  (Marxism/Communism is a close competitor but lacks organization right now to make it happen)

Catholics are currently traveling down the passive path of the current Pope who is taking away their will to fight anything other than tradition.

DN_Muslim_DistributeMuslims, well, moderate Muslims are not shouting loud enough and getting angry enough to be heard.  But Militant Islam is definitely stealing headlines and making inroads in America to recruit our young, disenfranchised, mentally unstable, and those desiring discipline and boundaries within their personal lives.

Islam will rule the world because there is nothing to stop them.  The rest of us do not agree with each other enough to form a consensus on much of anything.  But Islam has their tenants of the faith to lead their masses.  They do not operate in a grey area, but teach their followers that morality is black and white – regardless of what you think or feel.

America no longer exists, and some would even say that it never existed, that it was always built to allow the top capitalist to control our laws, policies, and regulations.  Our Constitution has been basterdized, butchered, and reinterpreted to the point that it is barely holding our nation together.    Congress is spineless. The Supreme Court is out of bounds.  And the Executive Branch has a total disregard for checks and balances under the guise of knowing what is best for our nation despite what the popular outcry is.  Case in point: the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Congress knew that a majority of Americans did not want it but they voted it through anyway AND now that the conservatives are the majority in both the House and Senate they still have not repealed the Act or proposed a better solution to our country’s heath care issues.

If you believe we will defeat Islam then what will we unite behind?  How will we, as a nation of individuals, come together as a ONE to do it? It will require us to admit that freedom for everyone is a myth and that assimilation is not only okay, but that it needs to be mandatory for not only citizenship, but for work visas too.

And while our moral fabric is being stitched back together after being torn apart more and more since the 1960s, we find ourselves staring at an enemy that is sure of itself, its foundation, and its future.  Our intelligence agencies have tried to infiltrate capitalism into the Middle Eastern governments, but they have failed miserably, and instead of hurting Islam they have simply made those in positions of power both wealthy and influential within their religious systems.  Islam today is like Catholicism during the Middle Ages which dominated European politics and laws.  Their laws subjugate the people and their violence keeps dissension to a minimum.  Civil unrest isn’t worth the penalty and a comfortable life can be maintained for those who bow to the rules and conduct of the system.

But none of this may happen…but that is for another post.




5 thoughts on “Why Islam Will Rule America…

  1. Beth Gordon says:

    This is another good essay that makes me think, Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sandra Monts says:

    I agree. We do not have any leaders in government that have answers. I pray that we, the people, will unite as one. i don’t know how it is to be done, but in order for us to not be overrun by ISIS, we must figure it out. Praying so much for us to have the leaders who are determined to defeat ISIS. Thank you, grandson, for such a thought provoking post. Is it okay if I repost it? love you and so proud of you

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