49 killed by a man needing mental health treatment

I have asked two people what their initial reactions were to hearing about the 50 people killed at the homosexual nightclub out of Orlando last night.  One responded that she was saddened by it.  While she does not agree with their lifestyle choice, she does not see this as the way to go about impacting social change in the direction she wants it to take.  To her the attack was senseless.

The other person had a similar reaction.  He was sad for the victims and families.

Personally, I am numb to the event.  I do not have an identity with either the killer or those killed outside of being a human being.  That makes it difficult to associate feelings for me.  Maybe that makes me a sociopath but those who know me I think would disagree with that assessment.  If this happened to someone in my family then maybe I would have a different reaction but I felt the same numbness for the Boston Marathon Bombing, the church shootings in South Carolina, and the various school shootings.  The only events that hit me emotionally are tied to those serving in uniform when they are killed or wounded in combat, training, or suicide.  I have a deep emotional and mental tie to these men and women regardless of their gender, religion, sexual preference, or whatever labels they attach to themselves.  To me they are the epitome of sacrifice and volunteerism.  Their motivations all differ for joining the military, but in the end they knew that they might be in harms way.  I can relate with their decisions.  Now back to the main reason for this post.

I want to draw attention to the two agendas that will be presented from this tragic event:

First, our media outlets (major network platforms, online social accounts, national newspapers, the Associated Press, etc…) are going to use this shooting to draw attention to their long-term agenda in one of the following ways if not more.

  1. Doing away with the intention of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms to protect ourselves against a government that is no longer allowing us to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.
  2. Dissolving marriage to the extent that it is no longer recognized as meaning anything in the eyes of the government other than a contract between two or more people (which I am not opposed to entirely, government should have nothing to do with marriage, it is a cultural/religious belief and our nation has long since abandoned traditional marriage in the political and corporate spheres).
  3. To further justify the present Administration’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to attack ISIS/ISIL/Taliban/Al Qaida/etc… throughout the world unchecked within the Department of Defense nor held accountable to any committee of Congress.
  4. And possibly to further the language in legislation to prevent anyone who disagrees with progressive lifestyles (Christians/Muslims/Jews) from voicing those beliefs in any public or private forum (i.e. preachers in the pulpit, counselors, teachers, etc..)

The second is that the conservative agenda is in full force already:

  1. Terrorism is here in America and if we don’t resort to carpet bombing the Middle East then we are doomed. (Not entirely in disagreement on this one…)
  2. We all need to be armed to the teeth when we go out for groceries, to the gas station, into classrooms, ball games, church, etc…  The bottom line for gun lobbyist: If it were easier to carry guns in Florida and the night club had allowed guns to be brought in then the amount of persons killed would not have been as great.

Sorry, it is hard for me to see the Conservative Agenda since I am more closely aligned with them.

I told my wife early Monday that I believed the shooter was gay and was struggling with being gay, that he went on a killing spree because of the battle within himself.  She thought I was crazy…until today.

My take is that the gunman had “daddy issues” and personal belief problems.  This comes down to mental health being under the radar within the American public.  We demonize those that have sought mental health treatment as unstable, crazy, a danger to society and themselves – but the reality is that if they do not get treatment (and not just medication, but actual cognitive therapy) then they really are a danger to society and themselves.

For those in need of security clearances for their jobs they run the risk of being denied a clearance or having their clearance revoked.  Who wants to go see a therapist when you can loose your job over it? And we should be allowed to go to any psychologist of our choosing, not just someone licensed by the American Psychological Association.  The APA doesn’t align with all religious belief systems.  But insurance will only pay for licensed folks.  This is no bueno – no good at all.

The gunman needed help.  Instead, he internalized everything because his father couldn’t cope with having a son who identified himself as a homosexual.  I believe the gunman didn’t believe he could get help within his community and without an outlet for discussing the battle within his mind, heart, and soul he reacted in violence for a variety of cognitive reasons that we may never know or understand.

This is not a gun problem, terrorism problem, or even a LGTB problem.  This was a mental health problem.  It will be interesting to see if both sides are willing to acknowledge this and make changes in health insurance laws and regulations to allow folks to get the help they crave and need.


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2 thoughts on “49 killed by a man needing mental health treatment

  1. Sandra Monts says:

    This post is thought provoking. I pray something good will come from such tragedies as this and others like it. I pray for those who have lost loved ones and friends. Thank you for such a post that helps us examine our feelings . love and prayers, Granny

    • Hey Granny, I changed about 50% of this post. I wanted you to reread it and give me your thoughts on it when you get time. I love you and Pappy and can’t wait to see you June 25th!


      Keith A. Wadley (931) 338-8258 Meridian, MS 39301

      On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 9:30 AM, Wadley's Theology wrote:


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