Uncertainty, that’s life

As I sit here enjoying a pipe after a Merry Christmas day I am impressed by one thing: life is uncertain. For many of us that is what our faith is about, creating the feeling of certainty to a world as cruel, unforgiving, and mysterious as ours. I read about the future of humanity and how we have to push to expand beyond our planet in order to survive. But then that makes me wonder, why should we? It is evident that given enough time everything dies. It ceased to exist. Not only that but extinction itself is ‘natural’. Even for those of us who are religious, mankind as we know will one day cease to exist. For Christians this is where the new heaven and new earth come into play along with our heavenly bodies. But let’s say that Christianity is false and that there is nothing religious about life. Why should we seek to get off our planet and prolong the human existence? Why not take a break from trying to get off our planet and try to live in peace and harmony on this one? I think the reason we want to get off of this one is because we imagine a utopia someplace else. We all want the world to conform to our way of thinking, even if that way of thinking means admitting that others smarter than us need to lead us. We want peace. We want love. We want joy. But our utopias collide on this planet and with the collision comes war, power grabs for control of resources, rape, murder, and more pain and suffering than is necessary.
I don’t see this changing when we go out into the universe.


So enjoy today. Tonight. Tomorrow. You are not guaranteed another moment. So live in the present, not in the past or in the future. What difference can you make today that expresses your faith and utopian desire? Love someone. Forgive someone. Seek the benefit of others above your own. And smile. It’s contagious.


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3 thoughts on “Uncertainty, that’s life

  1. tommy monts says:

    Keith, I sometimes can’t respond to your posts due to computer glitches, or maybe this old woman’s lack of computer skills. Your posts are so in depth and promotes my thinking outside my normal range. Pappy and I love you and so very proud of and thankful you’re our grandson.

  2. Kim L says:

    Kind of a philosophical post for Christmas! I think you are saying that human nature will always be the same, whether on this planet or any other. Our problems wouldn’t go away just by changing our address. If so, I agree with you. Great advice to live for the present, and go out and make someone else’s life better. We hope to do more of that in 2016 by being more intentional about that. Merry Christmas!

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