Why we like our sports in America…

My family does not have cable, satellite, DVR, TEVO, or any sort of paid programming television.  We do have a Netflix subscription that is essentially what we would pay for renting two movies from the an old Blockbuster or Hollywood Video store back in the 90s/early 2000s.  What does this mean to me?  It means that I don’t get to see sports on television other than the one free baseball game that the MLB network allows me to stream during there regular season (thank you MLB.com!!!).  Do I care?

Not really.

But I do enjoy the distraction that sports bring for getting a break from everyday life.  And that is the reason sports do so well in America today.  Low wages, long hours for underpaid managers, the consumerism lifestyle that is pushed down our throats by marketing executives constantly, government indecision and strife, global conflicts manufactured to prop up the war machine and the banking industry in order to keep our nations from going broke financially, etc…

Sports give us the break we crave, as well as movies, television shows, dance clubs, bars, social groups, church, temples, mosque, etc…

football-fansIt really is that simple.  When we cheer for our team and they win then we get to feel like we are a part of that.  We celebrate because we have trouble finding other things to celebrate.  We turn a run for the championship game into a personal vendetta against coworkers and anyone not wearing our team’s colors.  We criticize the team leadership openly because we can’t criticize our own bosses openly for fear of retribution.  In essence, we live vicariously through the team.  We are side-line member who was self-appointed.

Our teams give us something to cheer about and to be upset over.  Here is some management advice: don’t have more than half of your work force dependent on one team’s success for their mental well-being.  Production will stifle during a loss, but be booming after a big win.

So if we want to lose our dependence on sports for the emotional stability of America’s youth and working class then we need to fix the economy, figure out how to have laws and policies that allow for multiple religious views in the same society, and move away from big government back into small community governments.

I don’t see our fantasy addiction to sports going away soon.football fanatics



2 thoughts on “Why we like our sports in America…

  1. sandra Granny says:

    Thank you for reminding me of how much I depend on some things for my entertainment. Yep, I know I enjoy some sports, but selective in the ones I watch. love you , grandson, always great to read your posts.

  2. Kim L says:

    I get the entertainment value of watching real sports, as my family has always been avid Dallas Cowboy fans, and in England my Grandfather was an avid soccer (futbol) fan, even betting on the games, playing the futbol pools, telling all of us he would share the money when he won. What I absolutely don’t get is the obsession/passion for fantasy sports. I find that amusing, and honestly shake my head… Apparently there’s a lot of money involved in that too. It seems a waste to me. I just don’t get it.

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