Fresh perspectives are hard to come by

Rarely does life give us the opportunity to observe reality from a fresh perspective.  Thanks to a recent ankle injury followed by an unrelated surgery and the pain medication, I am seeing my life in a new way.

Busy.  That is the one over-arching word that describes mine and my wife’s current lives.  We do not blame anyone but ourselves for this season we are in, but we have to recognize that we are truly running around putting out fires all day and night.  This leads to burn out, which is interesting considering the goal is to put out the fires not start new ones.  Metaphors.  Wonderful words until someone takes them too far.  And now I am off the literary path that I started on.

Did I mention that I am on pain killers, ibuprofen, antibiotics, and sweet tea at the moment?  If not, then I should.

Saint Paul writing his epistlesOkay, so what is this revelation of fresh perspective?  I don’t have one.  Other than I don’t like what I see.  Misplaced energy.  Disorganization.  A wife in need of some romance and love that I do not know if I can provide.  I have seen it work though.  If I invest in her and make her feel special and loved, then she turns into Super Super Woman.  Notice the double Supers.  Why?  Because she is already Super Woman.

But I also see a lot of external factors hitting our society that I did not see before.  The question was asked at work last week about technology and the progression of mankind.  What is the point of inventing, tinkering, and investing in technology in general?  What if advanced civilizations do exist but we will never know it because in their advancement they realized that technology is not the answer.  It is the problem.  (Says the blogger…)

Why do we equate technology with advancement?  The bigger question is why do we equate advancement with mitigating suffering and pain or doing away with those two words entirely?

For some reason, at least in Western thought, I don’t know about everyone else, we have decided that pain and suffering are contrary to progress.  But that doesn’t make sense to me.  We each need pain and suffering to keep our humanity together.  Without them we have a tendency to crush, manipulate, deceive, and otherwise run all over other people, creatures, and things.  Maybe my thinking is faulty.  But I can see it very clearly in the midst of my current pain, which is mitigated bydeviant art outer space advancement in technology within the pharmaceutical industry so who am I to speak of altruism (being more concerned with others well-being over my own).

In the end I hope that we, as humans and as stewards of Earth, can last through our technological advancements without losing our humanity.

Here’s to another day of pain and pain-killers.


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