As the World Turns – Politics, Economics, Nukes, War, etc…

In full disclosure, based on the evidence through the years regarding individual persons, their actions in regards to war/politics/economics, and seeing how it happens on opposite sides of the spectrum with the same goal in mind in the end – the Devil is real, or at least something like the devil that seeks to destroy Earth and all of mankind along with it.

That being said here is my current take on humanity from a disenfranchised American’s perspective:

1. The Department of Defense (DOD) is a tool in the economic tool belt of multi-national corporations that is becoming more evident with the use of drones for assassinations, controlling geo-politics, and through incompetent leadership within the DOD.  Check out these two quotes regarding the ISIL/ISIS mess in Syria:

“Given the complexity of the war in Syria, it should be obvious that there are no easy answers. We were asked to assess whether or not the U.S. and its allies have a winning strategy. I would argue that there currently is no comprehensive strategy in place. The West’s involvement is ad hoc, tactical and reactionary.” Thomas Joscelyn’s testimony to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade on the US counterterrorism strategy in Syria as recorded by The Long War Journal.

“Two years from now, the situation on the ground may have changed and it may require some change in the way that strategy is carried out,” said Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary. “But that’s something that we’ll leave to the next president.” Obama’s Strategy Against Islamic State Under Scrutiny After Setbacks – WSJ

Add to this the use of Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan who are coming under fire from a reinvigorated Taliban now that the U.S. is officially “out” of the Area of Operations, and you get a recipe for a new war.  Exactly what the DOD loves since it typically comes with American Congressional monetary support to expand the DOD’s budget.  Typically there is a downtown a few years after a military conflict (we can’t call them wars because Congress has not been calling them wars, only authorizing the President to use the military as he sees fit).

2. There are rumors of a draw down within the operational intelligence community regarding our presence in key locations throughout the world where the local people are engaged in bringing acts of terror/war onto American soil.  You will not see this presented anywhere that I know of, but this happened during the Clinton Administration as well and is why some people believe that 9/11 could have been avoided.  Intelligence – knowledge of plans, plots, activities, discussions, procurement of supplies/munitions/weapons, etc… – should not be slashed.  The better your intelligence, the more accurate force response reaction.  If you have 10 countries where suspicious things are happening but you cannot get local informants, actionable intel, or specifics about the people/situations then you need a force much larger than might be needed to ‘handle’ the situation.  The intelligence community should be loaded with the funds needed to greatly enhance the DOD’s capability to respond in protection of our national defense – not in the defense of cooperate interest.

3. The global initiative, known as the Sustainable Development Goals, by the UN should frighten anyone who disagrees with the political philosophies of Socialism and Marxism.  The link to the goals opens a Word document online for you to see in detail what is going to be shoved down your throat over the next 15 years.  The UN needs to be abolished, or at the very least, severely limited in the powers that it possesses.  And do not be surprised at all if you see President Barack Hussein Obama becoming a high member of this council after his time is up here in America.  My theory is that the United Nations in conjunction with The World Bank will be push to increase their powers over all World governments, rendering their policies as supreme for courts in every country to uphold.  Just read about the United Nations for yourself.  They are expanding militarily.  They are heavily funded by American tax dollars.  And they are pushing a liberal-socialist agenda that is coming soon to a nation near you!

4. With the fear of religion spreading throughout developed nations the moral checks and balances on investigative science, mainly from a medical standpoint, are going to expand into formerly restricted areas.  Take, for example, the UK’s recent approval to allow womb transplants.  Yes, you read that correctly – but it gets worse (depending on  your moral stance).  The wombs come from ‘dead’ people who have been kept biologically alive for the purpose of creating a womb to be transplanted.  Seriously.  Read the article.  Now if this is something that is in the media, what is not being reported?  Think China.  Think North Korea.  Think any number of small countries where a well-financed medical research laboratory could go unnoticed by the mainstream world – unchecked.  I promise you it is happening.  Human experiments that would make the Nazi’s look like medically incompetent baboons.  Why am I so confident in this?  Because I know myself and what mankind is capable of in the recesses of our minds.  I do not trust my fellow man to check itself, especially when I can observe so much ‘evil’ around me and in my own life.

5. Economics.  America will not remain a super power.  Fact.  We are propped up right now to have a major collapse of our economy.  Is it worse than say Spain?  Not that bad, but if we do collapse then I guarantee you pain and suffering will become common place.  BUT…it would be great to pull back from around the world and focus on us as a Nation again.  We are a world power right now and our currency is being called into question as the premier currency to trade in.  China’s currency is on the move but their evident corruption, monetary policy, and sheer volume of people are preventing them from taking over as the world currency.  None-the-less.  If the powers that be within the financial investments industry can find a replacement then America will no longer have to be propped up to keep entire system running.  Be looking for a change in how oil is traded in the world – what nation’s currency is it being sold in? The push for policies surrounding Climate Change could be a maneuver being used to facilitate the destruction of America.  Just saying.

Enough truth seeking and speaking for today.  This is longer than I wanted it to be but it needed to be said – for my own sake.  I want my children to see that we weren’t all sheep following a blind group of shepherds.  Hey, get out there and love somebody today.  Hug your children, write a note to someone in need.

Love to all my readers and those who just found my site:


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