Sin is okay, Holiness is wrong…

My wife and I had a text interchange today that went like this:

Me – Sin has become so normalized that righteousness is starting be called wrong/sinful by the heathens among us.  Media is largely to blame – internet, television, movies, magazines, etc…

Wife – And it’s just going to get worse
Me – Yes it is. We almost need to go Jewish in our mindset. Protect the culture of Christians through Christian community.

Wife – That’s very true…..Wonder why that is.  Sin “feels” right where righteousness is uncomfortable? Is it not comfortable because it is not the popular belief?

So I see two questions here that would be a great discussion for my followers to engage in:

1. What should Christian community look like in terms of protecting each other from the outside world – being in the world, but not of it – while still being able to share the gospel with those around us intentionally?

2. What is going on within Christianity that we feel wrong about being righteous and right about falling into sin?  Sub question: Can we find areas where we have compromised to the point that we can’t see our own compliance with sin?


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2 thoughts on “Sin is okay, Holiness is wrong…

  1. Ma K says:

    This would be a great question to post on Facebook. I so agree. And it’s not just the “heathens” that are the problem. So many so called Christians live in such an ungodly way, that it is hard to tell if they truly are genuine followers of Christ. Even genuine Christians hit you up with the “we must love everyone, and not judge” if we stand up for righteousness. They are so worried that someone might be offended if we stand up for truth, and I think they’ve forgotten that Jesus offended people all the time. Yes, He loved them, but He showed by His actions and words that He would not compromise to make them comfortable. I think we are to love people where they are at, and not judge them, but make sure we are setting an example by NOT living the way the world does. That is what sanctification is–being set apart and being in the world, but not of it. I posted a strong statement on Facebook that we would not be going to see the movie Noah, and was chastised by a young Christian who said I should not think it is wrong for other Christians to go see it–sinful for those that go, and righteous for those that don’t. I didn’t state that at all, just stating why we wouldn’t be going, and why, but immediately the response was negative and turned into “don’t judge.” Truthfully, I don’t think other Christians should go see it, but that is up to them to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling, as the Bible tells us to do. And one more thing: if we stand up for truth and live righteously, the Bible makes it clear we WILL be persecuted. Maybe that is why so many Christians don’t want to live as Christ calls us to live?

  2. Keith Wadley says:

    Again, I keep hearing Christians using the word “holiness”. This is not new to Christianity, but apparently a revival of sorts is taking place in individuals to have them pursue holiness again. I think that is awesome. A friend of mine hit me up this week with the same mindset. Saved by grace, sanctified by God, but commanded to do works that testify to both of those. Obey God, even when it is not convenient or popular. I totally agree with all that you posted. I have read both sides of the Noah movie debate and the article my wife sent me was the deciding factor in not desiring to see it. It is all about making money. If you want to go to be entertained then it sounds like you can be, but I have been convicted as of late to guard my eyes more with what I am watching and hearing. I get enough of “the world” at work. I don’t need to pollute my mind further at home.

    Thanks for posting. It’s always welcome and appreciated.


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