High triglycerides, like really high…

I had been awake this morning long enough to get a bath, take my medicine, and eat a little oatmeal when I received a phone call from my doctor.

“This is Keith.”

“Mr. Wadley, this is Dr. Corpus.”

“Hey, Dr. Corpus, how are you?”

“You are dying. Eat better, lose weight, and exercise.  Goodbye.”

Okay, so that is not how the conversation went, but it was pretty straight forward.  Apparently the blood draw last week came back with my triglycerides in the 700s.  What we determined was that the numbers are skewed because I was dehydrated for the test.  I was supposed to be able to drink water, but that was not in my paperwork.  I will be sure to stay hydrated fPancreatitisor the next blood draw.  But according to webmd.com numbers over 500 are over the cliff  high and can lead to a terrible thing called pancreatitis – inflammation of the pancreas.  To read all about it, go here.

So that is what my doctor told me that I was in danger of and that it can kill you.  She wants me to change my diet and get healthy.  For me that is going to mean losing weight, eating less fat and carbs, and exercising more consistently.  The big thing is the diet.

I will let you all know how it goes in the next few weeks.  Take care of yourself fellow readers and bloggers.


p.s. Here is my plan for the next three weeks til I get my blood work done again the third week in April:


  • Steel cut oats (make 1.5 cups), banana or strawberries on the side (maybe mixed in)

Snacks throughout the day:

  • Nuts – no salt, not roasted, small doses
  • Fruits – any

Lunch x 2 a day:

  • Sweet potatoes – lightly salted, peppered, with chicken and a vegetable (green beans, black beans, sweet peas)
  • Long-grain brown rice
  • Albacore Tuna, eggplant, mix of vegetables (black beans, green beans, sweet peas, lima beans, pinto beans) at least twice a week



  • Roasted chicken, sweet potato, red onion dish (make this each Sunday for work the whole week or bake chicken and potatoes – 2 sweet, 3 Idaho) Put in containers for work with vegetables added each day before I leave
  • Vegetable medley (sauté if I get tired of it): squash, cucumber, okra, black beans, spinach leafs (no lettuce)
  • Meat: Fish or chicken – baked or pan cooked but in olive oil (not fried), I can add spices to change the flavor like lemon-pepper, oregano, paprika, red peppers, etc…



  • Water – at least a gallon a day
  • Coffee – no sugar, no fattening creamer (use honey if I need flavor)
  • Tea – Green Tea, Unsweet regular tea



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