A Short Story: Thy Kingdom Come…

“You were not made for any purpose other than this! Let courage consume you, fear flee from you, and the knowledge of victory’s promise spur you on! These demons have no hope. They are empty. They are unable to love. Unable to be loved. The time for the fulfillment has come. My fellow warriors of the Almighty, the time is now to reclaim the Kingdom of the Most High! Take your places on the battlefield before you with clarity, purpose, and an unwavering hand, knowing that you fight not for yourselves, but for all of Creation and its Creator!” A unified chorus of adoration and praise filled the air as the Archangel Michael stood on the precipice over-looking the throng of heavenly hosts before him radiating with the intense glory of the One True God. Praises made the air come to life emboldening them with Truth. Despite being in the presence of the Supreme One all of their lives they could be prone to doubt the assurance of the battle before them. But it was promised, and they were not allowed to know fear. For them, fear was impossible to feel.

Suddenly the singing was halted as demons began breaking through the veil that separated heaven and hell. War was upon them. Michael jumped from the high ground and ran head long into the fray. You could hear the screams of the demons as they died consumed in a ball of fire as the angelic swords split their souls. In past wars the vile vermin would be sent instantly to the lowest depths of Hades where they would have to work their way back to the front lines. This time it was different. The screams were more chilling and final than ever before and they knew they would not see these lost souls again.

The angels could hear the promise of victory with each of the demon’s deaths. Still, their side was taking its losses too. Flashes of brilliant light followed by an orb of power emanated from their slaughtered essence. Any demon that was touched by the globe would find certain annihilation, and the angels who were near enough to be touched by these globes felt themselves filled with the very Spirit of the Living God. It was one of the most horrific yet beautiful things to observe in the heavenly realms. The angels did not know, nor were they concerned with one another’s fates. They were made with one purpose in made, to deliver the messages of God to His creation. And the final message was being delivered today. No more tears. No more pain. No more suffering for humankind. God was restoring the Earthly Kingdom forever and it was rumored that heaven itself was going to be made new.

Just as suddenly as the battle had begun, the most beautiful angel ever seen amongst them appeared. His eyes burned blue like dancing sapphire and in his hand was a flaming sword that singed the very nature of anything it touched. He was the same height as the other angels, but his presence was far greater than they had been warned about. Lucifer was leading his army of evil into the depths of God’s heavenly creation.

Guido Reni's archangel Michael (in the Capuchi...

Guido Reni’s archangel Michael (in the Capuchin church of Santa Maria della Concezione, Rome) tramples Satan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And yet, the enormity of his arrival was over before it began. The One had descended on the battlefield in all His splendor and glory wielding two shining swords of love called Mercy and Justice. He landed at the front of the line bringing both swords down in an outward sweeping motion as he bowed his head and knelt. The Holy Spirit swept the battlefield clean in that solitary motion. It was debated for all eternity whether the tears that fell from His forgiving eyes were those of sadness or joy as the Devil and his hoard of lifeless haters were banished to the eternal lake of fire. Only the Almighty knows what the Alpha and Omega felt that day.


Keith A. Wadley


Written for a contest that I never entered because they wanted a book to go with it, but I don’t want to write fantasy style books.  I hope you like it.


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2 thoughts on “A Short Story: Thy Kingdom Come…

  1. Beth G says:

    Like it? No, love it. I can picture the scene in my mind. Beautiful to know that our Savior will be in the midst fighting the battle. I never thought about the Holy Spirit being there too. Great imagery. Thank you for sharing.

    • Keith Wadley says:

      Thanks, Beth. I enjoyed writing it. It was going to be a submission to a Christian publishing contest but when I went to submit it they wanted the short story to be part of a book. I don’t have a book in mind for this one and I am not a big fan of writing fantasy. I love to read it though and the imagery that comes with it most of the time.


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