Bumper stickers, what do they mean?

So I was driving down the road and pulled behind a car with a bumper sticker that read, “Drive it like you stole it.”  I took a second to think about how I would apply this bumper sticker to the driving of a car and I instantly wondered if the driver was an old person who was playing a joke on the “fast and furious” among us.  Why?  Because if I stole a car then the last thing I would want to do is highlight myself to the cops by wreckless driving.  I would obey every traffic signal known to man, go the speed limit, and find somewhere to hide the thing til I knew it was safe to head to the chop shop.  Why would you drive a stolen car any other way?

On another note, what about this bumper sticker?


I found a pretty humorous thread that I would love for you all to read.  I enjoyed reading through the first picture that explains what each symbol means but I did disagree with their reasoning regarding why Gay Rights folks are intolerant of Jews, Christians, and Muslims.  It just didn’t make sense to me.

My wife and I saw this one in Virginia and found it amusing.do_not_meddle_in_the_affairs_of_dragons_bumper_sticker-r8fc5ef7982174cccb782673beb8b3054_v9wht_8byvr_512

At least it is straight forward with no hidden agenda and apart from the fact that dragons don’t exist, there is nothing to read into this bumper sticker.  It means what it says.  No how the person who created it could surmise that dragons would like ketchup today if they existed, I am not certain.  I imagine that this is predominantly someone’s creation here in the U.S., because my experience with Europeans and Australians is that ketchup is not a staple for them like it is for our obese society.

And I will end with this as I have to get to work.  Something for Christians to consider and figure out whether we are going to take parts of the Bible seriously and other parts not so much:

If we can't marry bumper sticker

“It was also said, Whoever divorces his wife must give her a written notice of divorce.  But I tell you, everyone who divorces his wife, except in a case of sexual immorality, causes her to commit adultery.  And whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.”  words of Jesus out of Matthew 5:31-32  

Don’t get mad at me.  I am just saying that the bumper sticker makes sense if Christians are going to claim the Bible is why homosexuality is a sin.  You can’t follow one part and not follow the rest, especially in legal terms.  Maybe we should take a look at making divorce harder to come by in our country.  I believe we would almost all agree that abusive homes are no place for children and spouses too, but that is not addressed in this passage, or anywhere that I know of in the Bible.  But I am not a walking encyclopedia of scripture.

Work time.



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