Why we could fail against North Korea…

We are under estimating our enemy for several reasons…

English: A North-Korean-built M-1978 KOKSAN di...
A North-Korean-built M-1978 KOKSAN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. The American military has been told that the initial firepower would be atrocious and severe (i.e. expect to die),  but it wouldn’t last longer than a couple of days. Then the North would be low on artillery, rockets, etc.. and we would start decimating them with air power and artillery. So the only guys who life sucks for are those currently stationed in South Korea and the civillian population.  Meaning: The war will be over soon after the first barrage of fire from the North. Not necessarily true.

English: ABS-CBN Broadcast Complex.
English: ABS-CBN Broadcast Complex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Our media is not taking the threat seriously which hinders support from the everyday American. They need to educate the population on the history of the Forgotten War, the Armistice agreement, and the social and political aspects of the demarcated nations. If we are going to fight then tell us why we are fighting, and why its important for America to be involved.


3. Where is our President? Lead us. Where is the Commanding GePete Souza, Official White House Photographerneral for that Area of Operations? Tell us our military is prepared and ready to defend not just American interests, but the welfare of the South and North Koreans. Reassure us that our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and fellow Americans will be empowered to do there jobs, and to come home when the fight is won. Secretary of Defense? Does he even exist?

Those are my three reasons for why this war, if it happens, is going to be a complete shock to the American people. Our reaction will tell us a lot about the direction our country is heading.

Which leads to the following questions: What is nationalism? Is it alive? Is it a good thing? Is nationalism the same as patriotism?  Can someone be patriotic without being a nationalist?

We are about to answer some questions that have not been asked since the McCarthy era.

Daddy Moose


One thought on “Why we could fail against North Korea…

  1. Dave

    Ok.Communism and subsequently communist nations are at odds with the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). At odds with the RCC is at odds with their militant arm, the Jesuits. The United States’ CIA and DOD are Jesuit run. The Korean War and Vietnam War (and probably the Cold War) were Jesuit-Communist confrontations.
    However, the sending of Vladmir Lenin which resulted in the Bolshevic Revolution and communist Russia was backed by the RCC. I don’t have the dots connected to state with as much certainty, but it appears the revolution in China barely proceeding the Bolshevic Revolution and leading to the rise of Chinese communism/the end of Chinese imperial rule follows the same pattern.
    These things lead me to conclude that communism is a fabricated enemy of the RCC for the express purpose of wrapping it all together into the one world order.

    Daddy Moose, I didn’t address any of your 3 points, so I will now. (Well, I kind of hit #3 with the CIA/DOD statement.) #1. A lot of American citizens are ready to rise up. What better way to induce unity (here in the USA) than something to the effect of a common, 3rd party, enemy. In my mind it is the most effective way of avoiding a civil war. #2. The word “media” conotates, in my mind, yellow journalism/propaganda. American citizens need to be confident and preoccupied so the effects of an attack are felt more severely so American’s get fired up and demand retaliation.
    In totality of what I’m saying (and I think you might have been alluding to) is it looks like a false flag situation akin to 911 is unfolding.

    Operation HImmler is an example of propaganda on behalf of war efforts.


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