Drone strikes in America?

The rationale for striking American citizens on American soil is slowly creeping its way into reality.  It is already “okay” for an American citizen to be taken out abroad by a drone if that American is said to be engaged in bringing terrorism to our homeland.  That is the first step.  I am not going to pretend to understand policy and strategic doctrine well enough to know how the dominoes have to fall for the strikes to start happening here in the States.  But I can imagine what it might look like…

Tim Smith was a good ol’ boy in the classic sense of the phrase.  He owned a beat up Ford F150 complete with a rusting underbody, a rifle rack with hats hanging on it behind the seat up against the back glass window, and a beat up chrome tool box in the bed loaded with miscellaneous tools and a chainsaw.  He hunted boar, deer, elk, rabbit, squirrel, dove, pheasant, well, you get the picture.  Tim was also an expert marksman and a college educated man with a degree in Economics and Financial Management.  His insurance business had flourished over the past ten years, along with his two sons (ages 8 and 10) and their 4 year old sister.  He married his high school sweet heart, inherited some property on the outskirts of town, and built his wife’s dream house – a two story ranch style with an in-ground pool, bar-b-que pit, and horse stables.  He even had his own gun range off in the woods in a secluded part of the wooded 50 acres.

To make a longer story short, Tim found himself frustrated with the Federal government and their intrusion into his “bottom-line”.  Then came more restrictions on gun control and when and where he could hunt.  Tim had made a mistake a few years back of not knowing some of the newer regulations.  He was arrested for nailing a 500 pound boar on what he thought was public use land.  It turned out the land had been rezoned and was now a sanctuary for the beasts.  This lead Tim into some anti-government/pro-gun regulation groups that he probably should have never gotten involved with.

He was a Libertarian at heart, state’s rights with extremely limited federal and state government interference into the personal lives of its citizens.  But these groups were even past those points, almost tribal in their structure and in what their goals were for the government, both federal and state.

As a smart individual Tim was quickly pulled into helping out with the business aspects of the group.  He found himself, after a couple of years, being the right hand man for the leader, a charismatic individual who could get people to do things that they otherwise didn’t have the courage for.  They had been involved with lobbying their Senators and Congressmen, but to no avail.  The National Rifle Association had lost its clout in the political arena too.  Tim didn’t necessarily agree with all the things said by his friends, but he understood their frustrations and agreed with them in principle.  He knew that some of them were saying and planning things that they shouldn’t be doing, but he wasn’t sure how to go about discouraging their actions so he kept his mouth shut.

One day Tim went to pick up the leader in town to head out to Tim’s place for some target practice with their AR-15s, an outlawed gun that neither wanted to give up and that Tim kept stashed on his property in a heavy duty armory that he had constructed in the woods near the firing range.  Tim took his little girl with him to grab his friend.

Truck strikeOn the way back home, once they had cleared town and just before the T-intersection that lead to Tim’s driveway the little girl pointed out the front window, “look, Daddy.”  Both men looked up in time to see the missile just before it slammed into the cab of their truck and their lives ended.

The justification used by the State Department was that the leader of this group and his second in command were together in the truck for a rare shot that would crush this group of terrorist who had been meeting and plotting against the Federal government and American people.  OKCThe little girl’s death was seen as an acceptable casualty and even merciful to her, since she wouldn’t have to grow up without her father.  The bottom line to those making the decisions was that America had to be kept safe and this was the best way to keep American’s from experiencing another 9/11 or Oklahoma City bombing.

Due process was completed behind the scenes via a committee that approved the targets for these strikes, as well as the acceptable collateral damage such as Tim’s little girl.  In the absence of committee guidance on time sensitive targets, the committee appointed on scene commanders to follow established policies in determining the validity and necessity of the attacks.  There had only been two questionable incidents in the five years since the program was legalized by the United States Supreme Court.  Those incidents only resulted in two commanders being fired.  No other action was taken.

And the world kept turning, the Constitution kept evolving, and the United States of America was no longer seen as the land of the free and the home of the brave by its citizens or those abroad.  Just the home of the brave.



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