The Virgin Birth, Why is it so important…

English: Thomas Nast's most famous drawing, &q...

English: Thomas Nast’s most famous drawing, “Merry Old Santa Claus”, from the January 1, 1881 edition of Harper’s Weekly. Thomas Nast immortalized Santa Claus’ current look with an initial illustration in an 1863 issue of Harper’s Weekly, as part of a large illustration titled “A Christmas Furlough” in which Nast set aside his regular news and political coverage to do a Santa Claus drawing. The popularity of that image prompted him to create another illustration in 1881. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Questions for our wayward America that will come up during this time of year, and links to answers for you.  Please pass this on to anyone who might be asking some of these:

Why is the Virgin Birth of Jesus important?

What’s up with Christians believing God had to be born and eventually die for mankind?

Where did Christmas, the holiday, originate and is it cool for Christians to celebrate it? What about all the things like, Santa Claus, gift giving, Christmas trees, etc…; where did all that stuff originate? (This is a long article, but fairly thorough on the topics listed, plus more.  Well written too.)

Why are Christians the most bitter people I know? I know this is a bit off for a question, but during the time of year when Christians should be joyful, caring, concerned, sacrificial, loving, and just down right pleasant to be around, I have found that some Christians get more bitter during the thick of Christmas.  The link above is about a guy who has encountered another Christian via a blog who puts down the other guy.  It is two different people, both claiming to be Christians, and shows a little about why some Christians are just bitter.  In the end, it comes down to communion with God Almighty.  The more time we spend in God’s presence, the more like Him we will be – gentle and humble at heart; loving people without receiving any love in return.

People on benches

People on benches (Photo credit: Oleg Dulin)

Well, that should be enough for now.  If you think of another question, let me know.  I might update this as the week goes on with anything I hear while at work.

Merry Christmas,


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