Newsflash: I didn’t vote – here’s why…

Why I did not vote…

1. Neither candidate promoted my stances on abortion, foreign policy, fiscal responsibility, morality (although Romney’s Mormon background puts him in the ball park), gay marriage, the rights of the states to govern themselves, bureaucratic downsizing, public education, and more.

2. Our popular vote and electoral college system for selecting president are not true to a Representative Democracy. My one vote counts for nothing if the other person wins. Therefore, I am not represented.

3. Laws are created and made in Congress, not the White House. The president can veto a bill, but the congress can still pass it with the appropriate number of votes. Therefore it is imperative that we elect congressional representatives (House and Senate) who will fill that requirement and pass legislation that furthers the morality we believe is universal.  If you think that there is any law that is not governed in some way by morality then you have deceived yourself.

4. I failed to educate myself on my local persons running for office and the various other pieces of legislation that ended up on the ballot. By being irresponsible in researching who and what was on the ballot I would have cast a “blind” vote, extremely irresponsible in and of itself.

5. Probably one of the biggest reasons I did not vote is for religious reasons. I do not believe that America is a Christian nation, nor has it ever been wholly Christian from a political standpoint. It was founded by white, young and middle-aged landowners, many of whom had slaves when the words, “all men are created equally” were written. They typically had a Christian background and society was culturally aligned with those Christian principles when it came to their social norms and mores.

They were not looking ahead when they wrote those words. They meant that all white, landowners were created equally. Not women. Not slaves. Not anyone else. So from a religious stand point I do not agree with the importance of a political system being Christian-based other than for protection.


But here lies the problem. Protection leads to complacency. Protection allows people to say, “I believe” without having to show any outward sign that those words are more than lip service. We have entered into a time in our society when the words, “I believe” are having to be proved.


Proved in how we live our life. How we raise our children. How we educate our children. How we align ourselves politically. How we treat our neighbors who hate us for believing that homosexuality is against a loving God’s design. For believing that life begins at conception and that abortion is not a healthcare issue for women, but a life or death issue for an unborn child.


The reality is, this is not fully why we, the Christian body of believers, is hated.


We are hated because we are not living according to the teachings of the Christ.


Ask yourself the hard questions from Jesus’ sermon on the mount out of Matthew 5-7. Are you loving your neighbor? How? Do you fast? Why? Are you more anxious about food and clothing than you are to see someone fall in love with the vast love of our Savior and the forgiveness He offers? There are more questions. Read it. Introspect. See why our enemies hate us. See why our neighbors (not just those that live beside you, but anyone inside your daily circle of influence from the cashier at the grocery store to your boss) can’t stand to be around a Christian.  Not because of what you do, but because of what you are not doing.


Or maybe you are doing these things but your heart is so hard towards sin and sinners that you come across as unloving. When you see someone in sin that you do not know, is your first reaction disgust? Do you wish that the person wasn’t there in front of you, at that moment, and maybe even that they were never born? Be honest. Don’t lie to yourself.


See, the reality is, we are all sinners. Constantly. We all need the Savior’s love. We all need to turn from some sort of sin in our lives. We need to let Jesus shave the plank that is sticking in our eye down so that we can see clearly to minister to people where they are.


Don’t be afraid to believe. And don’t be afraid to live for Christ. Be afraid to not live for Christ. “For not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord ,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 7:21


And FYI. I am guilty too. Help me change our culture in America so that it spills out into the global community. Study the Bible. Live for Jesus as though your life depends on it. Because it does.




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4 thoughts on “Newsflash: I didn’t vote – here’s why…

  1. Beth G says:

    Thanks for sharing this Keith. It was insightful.

  2. So when the government you chose by not voting intrudes deeper into your life dictating how you live, how you raise your kids, how you spend you money etc remember that the Lord gave us this kind of government by his providence. With all it’s faults better than any other form of government in history. One that encourages personal responsibility and self reliance instead of waiting on the god of government to steal it from others. The republican form of government far exceeds the rule of the mob in a pure democracy. Praise God that in His sovereignty He chooses governments but he does it in such a way that does not relieve us of our personal responsibility to be engaged in a government of, for, and by the people. Imperfect men wrote an imperfect document but note the ability to amend which had happened to the good. Voting is our Christian duty in the government God gave us.

    Writing from Zambia. Preparing for conference beginning Monday.

    Blessings Jeff

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    • Keith Wadley says:

      This is in my post, Jeff. I should have voted for my local people, the Congress (House and Senate), and any ordinances/amendments on the ballot. I admit that in the post and say that it was irresponsible of me. I believe it is points 4 and 5.

      However, government only reflects the morality of the people. It appears that our nation is split on which way it will go almost 50/50. If we want to change the outcome of our laws then we have to change ourselves first in order to impact our society with the gospel of Jesus. If our culture doesn’t change then our government will not change. We can’t keep legislating morality without building the moral foundation for those laws. The laws will crumble – Maine and Maryland come to mind.

      What is the take away from 1 Samuel 8? What is the difference between a king (the system Israel went to) and a judge (how they had been operating since leaving Egypt)?

      And in the absence of scripture directing me to vote then Paul says that I am accountable to my conscience which either excuses me or accuses me on the day of judgment when there is not a Torah commandment to indict me. My conscience is clear when it comes to not voting for the president. I have voted in every election up until now, but this one seemed futile. The judgment on us is coming, and whether it was Romney or Obama, the results would have been the same for the end result of our nation.

      My predictions – financial collapse into a single monetary system; claiming homosexuality is a sin will be illegal and punishable by prison; compulsory education will make further claims on our children and family units with ‘research’ confirming that parents are not fit to teach their own children (the current homeschool uprising will be the first part of Christianity to go underground), public symbols of exclusive religious groups will be banned from the public eye (they almost are now); the government will use eminent domain to confiscate land and buildings owned by churches; and more. Much, much, more.

      It is just part of the judgment we will receive, not for having a wayward government (symptom) but for not working out our own salvation with fear and trembling, not loving God will all that we are and then showing that tremendous love to the world around us, for not living a holy, righteous, sexually pure life. That is why we are being judged, not for our government’s actions. It starts with us.

      I admire and respect you more than you know, Jeff. I wish I had your faith and hopefully can keep pushing forward to the point that I am no longer ashamed of the gospel that I am clinging to. Thanks for reading, posting, and praying for me.


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