The Rocks Are Crying Out

I cannot refrain from writing.  It is in my blood and expresses the depths of my soul.

There is a lot happening with America these days.  Potential voting by the UN that over-rides our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms; a cult follower verses a socialist liberal for our presidential mainstream candidates; a rogue killer that has made national headlines instead of the thousands of rapist, murderers, child molesters, and slave traders amongst us daily; mass killings of terrorist leaders by our government using drones in the name of protecting the American people and those who share our political interest; and a fierce battle over marriage – its meaning and purpose.  It raises several questions.

1. Will the constitution and our legal system of laws and torts protect Chic-fil-a from people like Mayor Menino in Boston, or will it be considered “hate” to say that you disagree with someone else’s view on marriage and sexual behavior?  Nothing hateful was said by Chic-fil-a’s president, but those who disagree with his statements sure have made it sound like he wishes them dead. Article in a liberal online publication is here.

2. Are we ashamed of believing in Jesus as God, that man is inherently sinful, and that hell does exist and awaits those of us who fail to believe and follow the person of Jesus the Christ? We, as Americans, have grown accustomed to a way of life that we do not want to jeopardize by adopting a cultural lifestyle that differs from the world around us.  We know that it will cost us financially to be outspoken about our beliefs or to simply live differently than the rest of our society.  We don’t want to be seen as haters, something that is going to only get worse in the days ahead.  I am not talking about ramming your beliefs down someone’s throat during lunch time, but being willing to let people know that you are praying for them about some tough situation they are going through, that you don’t watch certain movies because they run contrary to how you desire to live your own life, when inviting a new couple into your home for dinner – that you do not pray over the meal for fear of offending them because you do not know about their religious beliefs.  Maybe the Amish have it right.  We should look different than the rest of the world, but just don’t look down on them.  That is the key.  Recognize your position is only by grace and that you are just as guilty of sin as they are.

3. This is one of the most important things to remember: Bad things don’t happen to good people.  Why? Because there are no good people.  To get the right answers you have to start with the right questions.  I will not agree with someone whose presupposition is that man is inherently good.  There is absolutely no way we can see eye-to-eye as our moral arguments develop for defining right and wrong.

4. Will America split up legally without a Civil War II, or will it simply progress further into an intolerant nation that seeks to control how you think, feel, and react to the world around you?  Personally, I would like to see the country split up.  This may sound “over throwish” but that is not what I am talking about.  I want a sanctuary section of America where Judeo-Christian principals are the basis for the legal system’s laws and torts.  I want limited federal government to the extent that I barely know that a federal government exist.  I want local governments to have the power necessary to manage their city/town as efficiently and “out of my hair” as possible.  This will not happen under our present legal system, bureaucratic structure, and divided congress.  Too much corporate backing is running our nation – a.k.a. special interest, a.k.a. ear marks.  I want an ideal land that I will never see this side of heaven (God willing that I make it there).

5. I understand the fierceness of the homosexual political machine.  I hope to see the same fierceness when Shiara Law begins to challenge our courts systems even more so than it already is.  I believe a better solution to the homosexual debate is to remove the government from defining marriage all together, issuing marriage licenses at any level, and from taxing based on marital status.  Leave marriage as a strictly cultural/religious entity only.  Then things would be fair and equal, right? Social norms would be the only barrier, and if you don’t make it illegal to verbally tell someone that you think they are wrong about their marital beliefs then all will be well…right?  Not sure if this is a valid argument, so someone with more philosophical and political economics experience enlighten me.

6. Are Christian’s denying God’s holiness to the extent that we sympathize and justify sin? Let me be blunt, should a Christian watch The Dark Knight Rises? Check out the review at  I want to see it.  I bet it would be amazing to see, especially in theaters with surround sound, a large free refill popcorn and a large Coca-Cola.  But, should I? What am I gaining from my experience? What knowledge do I glean from the movie to see me through to eternity? Ask the right questions, get the right answers, remember? What person at the theater needs to know that Batman in this movie is a lot like Jesus, but not quite? What person wants to have someone listen to their concerns about dying watching the movie like 12 people did in Colorado? What person has been living in a fantasy world of comic books, video games, and role-playing who just needs to know that someone out there in the real world cares and wants them to experience life with the abundance Jesus talked about?  Which is it? Sinful or not? Is it black and white like that? I am not sure.  Maybe it is like me with bars.  I can go into any bar and never touch an ounce of alcohol.  But someone who has struggled to maintain sobriety might not be able to do that.  The bar itself is not sinful, only the actions of the person in the bar.  The internet is not sinful, only the actions of what you do while surfing the net determine sin from not sinning.

Well, I have lost count at this point and maybe now I can sleep.  My predictions on the future are this:

America is dead.  The Constitution is no longer valid.  Its death sentence started the moment it was signed and we are putting the final nails in the coffin over the next few years. Expect either the nation to split up or your freedoms to be taken away if you disagree with the “intolerant-tolerant” among us.

Christianity in the USA is preparing for a purge.  Massive numbers of “believers” will leave the churches.  Church buildings where true Christianity is followed will be illegal.  Only those churches that swallow the latest cultural pill for our generation will be allowed to continue meeting.  Evangelism will be illegal as well.

Islam will be a leading force that determines the outcome for both of the above.  It may actually be Christianity’s saving grace by putting the liberal masses on their toes to defend themselves against Sharia Law.  It is a force to be reckoned with.

Mormons will continue to exist and thrive. It is a business masked as religion.  It is a very efficient and purposeful business that will continue to thrive under any legal system as long as a free market or capitalistic economic system exists.  Socialism might put a dent in it, but not enough to destroy it, only enough to intertwine it into the political quagmire that socialism will become.

We will begin inhabiting space via space stations and possibly a manned station on Mars.
These stations will require that participants not hold to any one religious belief as dogma and that any religious material must be left back on planet earth.

Within fifty years we will begin to go through another shift in the climate back to a colder state.  This will bring on a decline in the world’s economy unlike any ever experienced due to massive population growth with limited resources.

I have more predictions but this will suffice.  Time for bed. Thanks for reading.  Sorry I tried to stop.  For those following the book, just give me some time.  Life is busy right now.

Love to all, despite the fact that most of my views fall under Hate Crimes legislation,


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