How not to have a social life…

Okay, so my wife and I are used to a bit of isolation but we are bordering on insanity here lately with regards to finding people who are like-minded or at a minimum open-minded with our beliefs/parenting/lifestyle.  So I figured I would have some fun with this and let you tell me how to fix us:

How not to have a social life

1. Tell people you are not only going to home school your children, but that you will be having a home birth for this pregnancy too…

2. Tell the people who are cool with home births that you eat processed foods, feed your kids prepackaged chicken nuggets and sugary juices, and don’t eat any green vegetables whatsoever…

3. Go to church but don’t put your children in the nursery or Sunday school/Kid’s Worship…

4. Tell those who still introduce themselves to you at church that you are having a home birth and plan on home schooling…

5. Tell those who still hang around and have kids that you don’t do daycare or baby sitters either…

6. Go to parties that your co-workers throw where nobody else has children, they are all drinking and playing beer pong, they are swearing casually but apologizing every thirty minutes for forgetting your kids are around, and don’t drink, swear, or talk about sexual exploits…

7. Tell your co-workers that you are a Christian WHEN THEY ASK…

8. Tell other Christians that you have doubts, that you have done research on your doubts, that you still believe, but that you still have doubts…

9. Talk openly about your faith to Christians or non Christians…

10. Actually discipline our children as well as give them hugs, kisses, noozles, and bear hugs in public…

11. Pretend to be in a book forrest at the local book store (people might smile at you but NOBODY comes up to introduce themselves)…

12. Have a set bedtime for your kids and actually plan to be home during that time…

13. Bring snacks into the sanctuary to help pacify the kids around their normal lunch time (did I mention lunch, suppers, and betimes all have set times plus or minus thirty minutes?)…

14. Only own one vehicle, that is paid for, that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, that you bought a fan for instead of going into debt to get a van with rear a/c…

15. Don’t have cable or satellite television but we do have NETFLIX…

16. Tell people you are fans of Dave Ramsey and try to follow his 7 Baby Steps…

17. Tell folks that you don’t own a credit card…

18. Pray before you eat…

19. Eat as a family for every meal (barring one of the kids napping or a pregnant wife needing to munch in order to not get nauseated)…

20. Not be conservative or liberal, but somewhere in between but to the point where people are afraid of you because they can’t figure out exactly what you are basing your opinions on (research, facts, logic, reasoning, and morality)…

21.  Not drink any alcoholic beverages, but for non-religious reasons (it blows people’s minds)…

22.  Did I mention home schooling and having a home birth?…

Well that should be enough.

I hope you will still follow my blog after knowing all of this now.  Thanks for reading and I welcome any suggestions for getting past surface level relationships with other parents whose kids are close in age to our own.

Daddy Moose (Get it, Bull headed, ha!)

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9 thoughts on “How not to have a social life…

  1. Nora says:

    Good one @ 21

    • Keith Wadley says:

      Hey Nora. I am a habitual person and my family has a lot of alcoholism running through its veins so I stay away for those two reasons. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ma K says:

    Hey Keith,

    Have to smile at your long list! I just know you are not alone. You just haven’t met others like you… YET! Something occurs to me, though, that I haven’t thought about before. Have you and Heather looked for a homeschool support group? Granted, you aren’t technically homeschooling yet, but you are getting ready to start Constance on preschool this Fall. So, now would be the perfect time to see if there are any “normal” home school families out there. Granted, some might be rather toooooooooo conservative, BUT you won’t know until you venture in that direction and try it.

    Love you lots!
    Ma K

    • Keith Wadley says:

      Hey MaKim,

      I had the same thought the other day while reviewing the stuff we are going to use for Constance soon. We definitely need to get some sort of support in place, especially for getting the required paperwork filled out so DHS doesn’t come knocking on our door for our child being delinquent at school. That would drop my heart through my stomach or pull my stomach up to my heart, not sure which way things go when that happens.

      And I do hope and pray for friends, mainly for Heather though. I will try to reword things to include our family. We might have our first set this coming weekend that we are getting with. Time will tell…

      Love you too,


      • Beth G says:

        Compulsory school attendance in NM does not start until a child is 5 before Sept 1. So you have until 2016 before mandatory reporting is required. Which gives you more freedom to run this as you please. 😀

      • Keith Wadley says:

        Thanks, Beth. We are looking into the network here still for support and resources.

      • Beth G says:

        I hope you will find the local homeschool community as welcoming there as it was here when we joined. We were part of the support group the year before I started homeschooling Jasmine full-time (while she was still in public school) and we were still researching. It was a blessing to have that when we took the official plunge. I’m praying you will find a group there that will be what you need. 🙂

  3. Beth G says:

    Other than praying for like-minded or open-minded friends, I would say just continue to be friendly with people wherever you happen to go. Eventually you will find others who either share some of your own views or are supportive of another Chrisitan acting on their own beliefs.

    Honestly it is tough finding, making, maintaining friendships even under the best of circumstances. Our family has grown and changed over the years and so have our convictions but one thing we have been so grateful for has been friends like you and Heather.

    Tom and I are praying another family will come into your lives soon for the type of fellowship you miss and need. We live you guys. 😀

    • Keith Wadley says:

      Praying is the biggest part. God has been faithful with friendships in the past and will do so again. It doesn’t help not having a for sure home church yet, and not knowing if we will be here for more than a year or not. It may be that we are supposed to focus internally right now as we prepare for baby number three, so that our marriage stays strong with the changes coming. Not sure. Thanks for the advice and prayers though.


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