In Las Cruces…

Well, we finally made it to Las Cruces, New Mexico this past Wednesday, March 28th around noon local time.  Let me recap and then ask a couple of questions from there:

1. We finally get the job offer and it is exactly what we needed and wanted in order to make the move happen and live comfortably.

2. We were able to put he house up for sale and for rent at the same time.  It now has a contract on it for rent for the next year.

3. The alarm company canceled our contract without penalty.

4. AT&T didn’t hassle me about disconnecting service and they said we didn’t have a contract (but I know we did, I had just redone it a month or so ago).

5. Our van didn’t need repairs prior to leaving other than an oil change and a new universal belt. Both inexpensive items.

6. No problems with the rental truck or our van for over 1,500 miles of travel in four days.

7. Great visits with friends and family along the way that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

8. No going into debt to make the move happen and to get established in Las Cruces.

9. After exhausting our rental home options that we found in advance, we found an amazing place at an amazing price.  Perfect neighborhood with view of the mountains to our east, a separate room for homeschooling/exercise/office space/in-law bed (it is that big).

10. Able to switch our hotel room after our first room smelled and didn’t have a bathtub to bathe the kiddos in (shower only).  No troubles with that and I was able to troubleshoot the hotel’s computer to tell them what was wrong.

11. Tons of support from friends helping us pack up and on this end my bosses said they will put the word out for help to get us moved in once I let them know a place and a time.

12. Extremely friendly place to work with no worries about being off to go to doctor’s appointments for Heather during the pregnancy and for the birth.  That is awesome!

13. Another friend put us in touch with a local church where he knows the pastor (the pastor married he and his wife).  The pastor has been helping us with contacts in the local area.  We will check out their church Sunday.

14. Our kids are doing well overall.  Constance had some bowel trouble but that has been fixed as of yesterday and things are getting back to normal routine wise.

15. Our cat has done very well with the trip and is living in the rental truck with periodic visits from us to check on her.  She looks great.

16.  Heather hasn’t had complications due to the trip and is doing very well.  Some sickness yesterday and once during the trip, but overall she has done better than expected.

17. Lots of support before we left with the house regarding repairs, dinners, cleaning (thanks Blair!), and offers for taking care of things once we are gone.  You guys and gals rock.

And the list could go on and on, but those are the main items that I can come up with.

So the questions:

A. When things go well, is that God?

B. Do positive things happen because of positive perspectives and attitudes?  Meaning, I could change the wording in a lot of the above and it would look negative.  For example, Heather has been sick on and off during the trip with two really bad episodes (one on the side of interstate while stopping to change our son’s diaper, another in the parking lot of a local restaurant after tossing up $6 in food and then I had to clean it up).  I am learning that attitude has a lot to do with how I perceive things.

C. When can we claim that God is behind something that is going our way? What support from the different books of the Bible do we have for that argument?

Thanks for reading,


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3 thoughts on “In Las Cruces…

  1. Jeff Hawkins says:

    Hey Brother! God is good all the time! I like Philippians as a guideline for a good attitude when things are tough. Paul was satisfied in the Lord because he really believed Romans 8:28! He rejoiced in everything because his joy was in Christ. Christ’s gospel, christ’s otherness, Christ’s righteousness and Christ’s contentment.

  2. Ma K says:

    Hey Keith,

    Loved reading your list of all the positive things that came together for you guys before, during, and after your move. You’ve certainly had a whirlwind of events in a very short time. My perspective on things may seem overly simplistic, but I believe all good things come from God (James 1:17), and therefore would certainly give God glory and praise for everything coming together the way it has. Yes, I believe when things go well, it is from God. But to give my answer true balance, sometimes things are difficult–even when it is God’s will for us to be doing something or going somewhere–because there is a lot of warfare and the enemy is opposing what God is wanting to do. We need to be very thankful for those times when we are not battling tooth and nail to break through.

    Do positive things happen because of positive perspectives and attitudes? Yes! Attitude is the one thing we can control, no matter what else is going on around us. If our attitude is to praise God no matter what happens, good or bad, than we have already defeated the enemy and will have victory much quicker. If our attitude is to look for the best, we will usually find it. Even in the worst of circumstances, we can learn something positive from it, even if it is to never do that particular thing again. But I believe when we have a good attitude, we open the door for God to bless us even more. When we moan and groan and complain, it grieves God, and He can’t bless us as much as He wants to. My friend Kathy says when we gripe and complain, she believes the favor of God lifts off of us. Something to ponder and think about.

    When can we claim that God is behind something that is going our way? What support from the different books of the Bible do we have for that argument? There are many, many Scriptures that show us that God loves to bless a good man or woman–those that love Him, and are His. Psalm 37 is a great one to look at, where it says the steps of the righteous man are ordered by the Lord. Psalm 37 paints a picture of the difference between a good man and an evil man.

    Evil man:

    1) cut down like grass

    2) wither like herbs

    3) shall be cut off

    4) plots against the just

    5) kills

    6) arms shall be broken

    7) shall perish

    8) borrows and does not pay back

    9) seeds shall be cut off

    10) seeks to slay the righteous

    Good man:

    1) trusts in the Lord

    2) delights in the Lord

    3) commits his ways to God

    4) rests in the Lord

    5) shall inherit the earth

    6) they shall be satisfied even in famine

    7) has an eternal inheritance

    8) has his steps ordered by the Lord

    9) he shall not be cast down even when he falls

    10) is upheld by the hand of the Lord

    11) never forsaken or begging bread

    12) shall be exalted

    God will delight in us if we commit ourselves to Him.

    Great questions. I hope you get more feedback from others.

    Love and Blessings,
    Ma K

    • Keith Wadley says:

      It sounds like from your post and the Psalm 37 passage that it isn’t just about a material blessing. It is about a Spiritual blessing, things like contentment, joy, self-control. But one did standout, the part about having bread and never being forsaken. The bread part is very important to me, especially with regards to my family.

      We are still in a season of trust and dependence financially on the Lord’s blessing. We are trying to live financially by Biblical principles, as well as serving in the midst of our turnover time. I am dependent upon God to take care of my family in all areas: health, physical, spiritual, mental, etc… I cannot give them what they need, but I do believe He can. Sometimes I might be that instrument, and sometimes it may come through someone else (like Heather being invited to a dinner with some ladies this weekend!!!).

      Thanks for the encouragement that God can make a road easier to follow, and may even delight in it because we are trying to honor Him. Tough choices though and definitely a matter of faith, heart intentions, and logical reasoning all rolled into one.


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