The Twilight Zone: A Nice Place to Visit

A friend from church told me about this episode.  It took me a bit to finally sit down and watch it.  If you would like to see the video go to this site and select “Click to Play Video in New Window” then be sure to play the free version only.  It is around 28 minutes long.

The basic premise is that a guy dies and is greeted by a man in a white suit who gives him whatever he wants.  There is no challenge to anything and he gets whatever he wants.  The result is that he essentially gets bored with everything.  Which leads me to ask a few parallel questions for today and the hereafter:

1. If everyone had what they wanted would we all be satisfied?  Think about this.  What do you want right now?  Medical coverage?  What about if you could have good health to where you didn’t need medical coverage and no accidents or diseases would ever harm you?  That would be pretty sweet, but what then?  So now I am healthy, but I don’t have a need to workout unless I just want to.  Well then I would be like, “I want to look like one of those guys on the cover of Men’s Health”.  So what if I had that body?  What then?  Well, I guess I would move into foods and beverages.  But what if I didn’t have to watch what I ate in order to look like that?  What if I didn’t have to work out to get that ideal body?  What then?  I would probably end up considering what I could do with that body.  Outdoor adventure maybe?  But what if I was guaranteed to succeed at whatever I attempted and would not die or get hurt in the process?  I would go crazy.  What are we going to do for all eternity if we make it into heaven?  How will we not get bored?

2. Maybe that is not the right question to ask either.  Maybe the question should center around the why behind seeking after the things we want?  Why do we want perfection?  Why would we loose contentment if there is not a challenge associated with it?  Even if I mess up on a project I have created such as making the letter “C” out of wood for my daughter’s hairbow thing, I still like knowing that it got close to what I imagined and what my wife wanted.  If I knew it would have turned out perfectly regardless of my attention to detail or planning then I would not have enjoyed making it and seeing the finished project like I did.  So why do we crave challenge, hardship, risk, and even the potential to die in some instances?

3. Were we created this way? I do not recall any scripture that specifically says so, but maybe it comes into play in these two verses.  The first is from Genesis 2:15 – The LORD God took the man and placed him in the garden of Eden to work it and watch over it.  The second one is from 3:17 as God is dishing out punishment for going against His command regarding not eating the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil – “The ground is cursed because of you.  You will eat from it by means of painful labor all the days of your life.”  So my take is that maybe all of this risk seeking, hardship desiring, pain loving stuff comes from the curse.  I know that goes against some folks’ theology regarding what Jesus did on the cross, so submit your counter arguments for me to consider and we can go from there.  But my point is that this curse is still on us.  We think we want things easy but we can’t have them yet.  The time is not yet fulfilled when all things will be restored to Pre-Fall status.  Until that time we will desire perfection but we don’t want it handed to us because our soul knows that we aren’t supposed to be handed it yet.  Does that make sense?  

For those who don’t agree think about what all the passages refer to regarding what Jesus did…The Law.  This curse is not part of the Torah.  So if you submit something that says Jesus did away with the Torah then it doesn’t count here.  I need to see where other passages talk about doing away with this curse in some way, shape, or form.


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