In Search of a Career

I get so frustrated job searching online.  I already know that most jobs out there are not advertised, especially online.  Most businesses advertise by word of mouth.  Only something like 20% (at the most) are posted online.  But what do I do? Sit for hours online looking at whatever is available on job sites like,, astd (a job site for training professionals),,, etc…  What results has this yielded? Zero.  Out of all the jobs I have applied for and been interviewed for in the past year only one was from an online application and it was by accident.  All other job interviews have been through  networking with people already with the company or who know someone at the company.

I get frustrated because I see jobs that I would love to do but that I do not have the experience needed to be considered for.  One of these in particular is the Outdoor Recreation position that pops up for military installations nationwide.  I would love to coordinate events for military members and their families to escape to the great outdoors.  But I do not have the specific degree they are looking for or the experience of planning large events.  But I KNOW I can do it and do it well.  Nobody cares what I know I can do.  They care what I have a proven track record of doing.

I have a proven track record of jumping from one job to the next and that is killing the look of  my resume (even though I have it structured by skills now and not chronologically).  I have never proven that I can meet sales goals, drum up new clients, create e-learning material, or handle the business side of running a company (think P & L statements or trend/data analysis).  But I know I can.

I don’t want to open my own mowing business but that is the direction I am considering heading.  I know I can make at least what I am making now, but I would be running my own show.  I believe I could make more.  The goal is not money for the sake of money.  The goal is money for the sake of provision in the culture we live in.  Medical insurance primarily and the ability to pay for maintenance on our one van.  Outside of that the only debt we are carrying at the moment is my last bit of student loan from my Masters in Education (which isn’t doing me much good at the moment, though I am trying to use it on a volunteer basis to develop e-learning material for my career transition Website and for a local non-profit that we are trying to get more involved with).  That debt runs $50 a month.  Our mortgage is $630 a month (insurance and taxes included), water around $45, and electric averages $160 or so.  Our biggest expense next to that is groceries.  That is where we save or lose money each month.

So if I launched my own business then at least we could possibly get catastrophic medical insurance.  But the reality is that I do not want to run my own mowing business.  I want to use my mind and creativity more.  I believe I have more to give the world than a freshly cut, well manicured lawn.  Is that too prideful to think like that?  I don’t believe so, but maybe it is.  Maybe swallowing some humble pie and doing what I don’t want to do to make ends meet is exactly what the Doctor ordered to get me to see the bigger picture in life (whatever that might be).

Thanks for letting me vent.



4 thoughts on “In Search of a Career

  1. dave m. says:

    I agree. Money for the sake of provisions. But I have begun thinking of it this way, who cares if the work is not what gives me fulfilment in life. I would much rather have some money to be able to enjoy with my wife and children while I am not working. The flexibility of self employment is a nice perk, too.

    • Keith Wadley says:

      Thanks for saying “who cares if the work is not what gives me fulfillment in life. I would much rather have some money to be able to enjoy with my wife and children while I am not working.” I needed to hear that from someone else. All the life coaches, self-help books, etc… really harp on doing what you love. I think that is the wrong mindset to have. Hey, I am going to post a video for my next blog. You will have to tell me if you would rather read my posts or watch them or both.

  2. Ma K says:

    Hey Keith,

    Bless your heart. It has been a very long time, and I don’t blame you at all for needing to vent! Just remember that the economy doesn’t help anything either. David got an email from one of the jobs he applied for, and they said over 500 people had applied for the same job! Craziness!

    I so agree you could easily do the outdoor rec job (and so many more with your gifts and skills), and it is ridiculous how the government now requires the exact degree for those positions. Even with David already in MWR, with 30 years experience, he has been told he isn’t qualified for some of those jobs either because he didn’t go through their internship program, which didn’t even exist until a few years ago!

    We pray for you daily, believing that God’s plan for your life will come forth, SOON, even in this economy.

    Love and Hugs,
    Ma K

    • Keith Wadley says:

      Change is in the air. Not sure what is going to happen this week but this will be the week that I decide on whether to do the mowing business or not. I will also find out about the teaching position in Glasgow and the insurance sales position here in town. I will know Friday what the plan is. Thanks for the prayers.

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