Do You Think Like Me…

So here I am at my Sister-in-law’s place with my Father/Mother-in-law, my wife, my two kids, and my sister-in-law’s kids.  My son is sleeping on the floor in my niece’s room.  He wakes up with a dirty diaper.  Heather and I get him changed and I stay with him to get him back out.  I lay him back on the floor and lay beside him.  My mind starts going through scenarios…

What if someone came into the house to kill us all?  They would probably have a shotgun.  What would I do if they were headed to the room I am in with my son?  I would slide him to where he wasn’t visible upon entering the room.  Then I would stand behind the door as much as possible.  The person entering would have to open the door and come in enough to where I could remain out of sight at least until their body or the gun barrel was in the room (this only works if they have a long-barreled weapon, hand guns would require them to come into the room further without seeing me and I don’t think that is possible.  So if I can get the guy to partially enter the room I can do some combatives stuff to disarm him.  If I disarm him I am going to kill him with a head shot (sorry, but I have a whole slew of folks depending on me in this scenario and one bad guy down will save us all nightmares).  But wait…

Say there are two gunmen.  One is the guy I just blew away and now his partner is wondering what just happened.  He starts calling out.  If I know where he is in the house then do I go towards his call without responding?  What if he doesn’t call out but goes quiet and has my wife hostage?  I enter the living room where they all are and he has her pulled up to him just like in the movies with a gun to her head.  If I seize the situation by voice then I might walk into the room confidently with my bead on the guy’s head.  Then I would tell my wife something like, “go to dead weight Sweetie”.  She would instantly relax her entire body and he would have to use both hands to hold her up but he would expose enough of himself at that point for me to get a pretty clean shot.  If my wife catches some frag it will not be life threatening and the situation will be over.  Let’s say though…

He doesn’t have her pulled up to his body close.  In that case I would come in with confidence and just blow the guy away.  But what if he had his gun to her head?  Then would it go off when I killed him?  Do I take that risk in an intense situation like that?

But say he isn’t in the living room yet, and he is coming to inspect.  In that case then it is game on.  If I heard the shooter moving in my direction with me in the room still then I would do one of two things.  Crouching position by the bed to wait on movement at the door.  As soon as I saw movement then I would slide forward still low and take a shot.  Or I would go towards the noise and do a close proximity shoot out.

Would any of this work?  I have no idea but hey, I have a plan.

Does anybody else do stuff like this?

Protective or Paranoid Daddy Moose


4 thoughts on “Do You Think Like Me…

  1. Daddy Moose says:
    Here is a link to an answer to one of my questions from the post. Apparently my head shots in the hostage situation should only be attempted by trained professionals. I would agree but I would also counter by saying that I would still try to hit the shooter in the head or upper body even if he is holding my wife.

  2. PapaD says:

    Hey Keith. Papa D. I am trying to figure out what you had for dinner prior to laying down with your son. I’m with you. Get your son out of danger, evaluation, and when you have the opportunity, shoot the sucker,,,several times. Bet he won’t break in again…. I know this should be left to the professionals. On the wife hostige issue. It reminds me of the movie speed when the main guys partner was taken hostige. He shot his partner taking him out of the equasion. sorry Kim but I’m going to have to wing you a bit to make sure you are safe. Then shoot that sucker several times as well. I wouldn’t leave it to chance, they would be dead, dead, dead.

  3. DAD says:

    …Way beyond paranoid dude. Surely you can find something else to worry about.

    Statistics show that most assaults on family members are perpetrated by other family members. The dangers lie within the walls….

    Seriously, I’ll bet you have something much more likely to happen that you can worry about.

    If you need any help with subject matter, just ask and I’ll give you a list.


  4. Beth G says:

    Believe it or not, I am just like that. I am always think about the worst case scenario for any situation I am in. It is frightening how dark my mind can go sometimes. But I can’t help it. Once I’ve got it planned all out in my mind it does make me feel calmer (like I have some sense of control). The worst is when my thoughts are that my family is killed and I have to leave with the fact that it’s all my fault. 😦

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