This World is Going To Die

“Keith, seriously, hasn’t this card been played to death within the Christian circles.”

Isaiah 51:6 – “Look up to the heavens, and look at the earth beneath; for the heavens will vanish like smoke, the earth will wear out like a garment, and its inhabitants will die in like manner.  But My salvation will last forever, and My righteousness will never be shattered.”

First thing to note here is that the earth is not talking about the planet but the ground beneath your feet, terra firma or whatever it is called.

Secondly, this verse slapped me in the face this morning as I was smacking down some delicious homemade waffles dossed in butter and high-fructose corn syrup courtesy of Kroger.  I am fascinated by space, the universe, meteors, planets and their moons, all phases of the life-cycle of stars, black holes, deep space exploration, etc… I often wonder what will happen to all the world’s religions as man starts inhabiting other planets and moons (and yes, given enough time it will happen, maybe even in my life time).  How will Christianity cope with life on other planets and new discoveries of our creation?  Does the message of the Jesus of Nazareth apply to those born on Mars or on a space station that is floating in another galaxy?

In the world of education there is a concept called rigor and relevance.  You have to present material that is engaging and challenging enough but that also has a purpose to it.  It needs to be something that students can relate to or see in the world around them.  That is going to be a struggle for earth bound religions.  If the God I believe in is the Creator of the Universe then His message here on earth should apply to all humans originating from earth.  So in my mind it makes sense that even if a child is born in another galaxy they are still under the theology of earth.  That child will need the salvation of Yahweh.

What I find even more fascinating is that at some point this world we live on will pass away.  When? I don’t know.  It could be tonight, tomorrow, fifty years from now or a thousand years from now.  But, as a someone who claims the Christian God and its theology, I find comfort knowing that my God let me know in advance that this place is going to die AND that He said His salvation and righteousness will last forever.  That is awesome.  I hope it is encouraging to you as well.  I want to serve a God who is bigger than this world.  I believe I have found the One.


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2 thoughts on “This World is Going To Die

  1. Amanda Jewel says:

    Interesting read…and nicely done.

  2. davenkim says:

    An elderly man gave me a tract years ago that pointed out that God knew the earth’s resources were going to get depleted, and none of this has caught God by surprise, possibly based on this particular verse. They were never meant to last forever. This is only our temporary home, and those in Christ have a living hope of being with Him in Heaven, and that salvation does last forever. I too am glad we serve a God who is bigger than we are, bigger than the earth, and bigger than any of our problems. So glad we aren’t going to be earth bound, or bound in these bodies, forever.

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