What happened in Oklahoma?

To make a long story fairly short but not so short that it leaves questions…

Both sets of parents helped pack us up in a rental truck from Penske.  We were headed to Lawton, OK for me to become an instructor for some Army guys through a small contract company that beat out Northrop Grumman for the contract.  We put our house up for sale, had new floors installed, painted our daughter’s room to match the rest of the house and sold some furniture to help lighten the load.

We arrived in Lawton, OK Sunday, January 16 at the Best Western with our cat (which will come into play later).  We spent all day Monday looking at rental homes from four different companies and a private advertisement.  It was not going well.  With us having to cover a mortgage payment for our home in Clarksville, TN until it sold coupled with the rent for a place in Lawton our budget was severely limited and we were having to push it even further in order to get into a safe neighborhood (per the police statistician that I talked to prior to heading there).

On Tuesday, January 18, I was finger-printed for the security clearance stuff and completed some other paperwork at my new employer’s location.  I also got to talk to the President of the company for about ten minutes about the contract.  He was having some difficulty that they had not experienced before with other contracts but nothing that he felt was putting the contract in jeopardy.  After leaving there I checked out some more rental properties then grabbed my wife and kiddos to go look at a few.  We found one that matched what we were looking for and grabbed the application for it then headed back to the hotel to fill it out (if you have ever rented from a company then you know how in depth these applications are – very daunting).  On our way to the hotel I start questioning whether I am really wanting to do this or not and vocalize this to Heather.

Once at the hotel I start filling out the application when we get a knock on the door.  It was the hotel manager and the head cleaning lady.  Our room had a smell that we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and they needed us to fix it.  We blamed the cat and I removed her litter box from the room to see if that would help.  As soon as they left I knew in the pit of my stomach that we weren’t supposed to be there in Lawton.  What you can’t see in the above situations is that since we had arrived nothing was going according to plan and we kept trying to motivate and encourage each other to make it work.  But how do you make something work that isn’t supposed to go?  You can, but what are the consequences?

I asked Heather what she thought about us turning around and going back to Clarksville.  She left it up to me and was fine either way.  I did some praying (more like crying out to God for clarity) and then just made the call.  We were going to pack up and head back if we could afford it.  It actually turned out cheaper to do that than to stay there and secure the place to stay.  The guy who had hired me was dumbfounded and I told him I couldn’t explain it either.  I just knew in my gut (not my head or heart) that we weren’t supposed to be there and I had to listen to that inner feeling.  It wasn’t fear.  It wasn’t being uncomfortable.  It was a knowing feeling of if I kept my family there then we were in danger or something like that.  I was looking forward to the job and excited about getting back around the military mentality.  But it wasn’t right, so we came back.

So now I am jobless, our house is off the market, we are semi-unpacked, and I have at least a month and a half of income from the school system to give me some time before needing to find somewhere to work (plus we have taxes coming in and our savings which could take us through to about August if we budgeted tightly).

So now you all know.

Daddy Moose – just taking care of my family, the thing that matters most to me in all the world.


One thought on “What happened in Oklahoma?

  1. jewelfern says:

    I think you made the best decision for yourself and your family. That gut feeling should be listened to. Praying for you to find work soon. Hope to see you soon as well. Love you, Sissy

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