Aslan’s on the move

This may sound cheesy, but I really believe that some things are happening in society to where all hell is about to break loose here on earth – specifically man’s greed finally bringing on the collapse of the economic world – thus bringing on starvation, higher levels of moral depravity, increase in diseases, and just an overall shift in focus from the materialism of today to a search for physiological needs (Maslow’s theory where the basic needs of food, air, water, have to be met before other needs can be fulfilled).  Let me give you some recent articles that support what I am saying: Japan’s economy is going bust and may enter a massive American jobs are still falling with no end in sight. China continues to undermine the economic system of the world with a lack of integrity on its part.  This is going to come back to bite everybody. This article outlines the effect of Ben Bernanke’s speech today regarding how to jump start the American economy.

There is more but this is enough.  We have to ask ourselves what would happen if China, Japan, and the U.S. economies fail 0r just one of the big two – China or America – fail.  What happens when the world’s way of providing for its basic needs is no longer in existence?  Utter chaos?  Starvation? Murder? Lawlessness?  That sounds so dire and negative, but in my head it is the only response that is merited because I come to the table with a mindset that people are inherently wicked at heart.  Put a man in a dire situation and if he is not checked by some sort of moral compass then watch as the evil that men can do shows its ugly head.

I am reading through The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis to my daughter each night to put her to bed – obviously at 22 months old she is not going to get a lot out of this so in reality it is for my own pleasure.  It is no secret that Aslan in the books represents the Christian God, and a lot of what the Lion does in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe mirrors the actions of Jesus.  Now in these books when all hope should be gone and things are pretty bleak, Aslan begins to move.  This happens for two different reasons depending on the story – either help has been called for by someone who believes in Aslan, or Aslan has chosen to move of his own accord.  This mirrors Christian theology as well so I will leave you with this:

Are we ready to ask for help that is not of our own power; or are we waiting for God to make His move first (the easier way for us, but what consequences will that have)?  Maybe now is the time. . . (No I am not a prophet or am I saying that Jesus is coming back, but there is about to be a shift of large proportions socially and economically in the U.S. and this will impact all of our lives for better or worse).

Daddy Moose


3 thoughts on “Aslan’s on the move

  1. Sue in Texas says:

    Spot on, Keith. Spot on.

  2. jewelfern says:

    Scary thoughts but ones you aren’t alone in. It does seem like things are about to change in a drastic way. Are you ready? Is your family ready? What will you do when it all goes down? Where will you go? Some may call us paranoid but I think it’s logical. Times are changing and not for the better. People are fed up with our government for one thing and I fear a revolution is just around the corner. Utter chaos is teetering on the wall and all it takes is one slightly wrong move to bring it all crashing down. Makes me want to buy a gun–for protection’s sake. Cause as much as I love God, little brother, I don’t think he’s going to step in and keep some starving crazy men from raping me, killing me and my family, and taking anything we’ve got for their own use. People are inherently out for number one when it comes down to it. They want food in their bellies, a roof over their heads, and they don’t care who they have to take from to get it. Call me cynical/paranoid or whatever, but I’ve seen it first hand. And there are more out there than the good Christian folk that you represent. Good people are out-numbered and it’s frightening. Just be prepared to protect you and yours. Love, Sissy

    • Daddy Moose says:

      You think we don’t think alike, but we do. I do not expect God to intervene. If I take the Bible for what it says, then things are going to get so bad that people are going to have to look to the caves and the hills for protection. I keep wondering if Heather and I don’t need to move somewhere that has some land we could hunt on, fish from, etc… and then we could also stock pile food rations for a month to six months in some sort of underground shelter. I don’t call it paranoia, I call it being prepared. I am not afraid of it happening and I completely agree with you that the worst in people will come out and they will not care who you are, nor will God intervene when they go to do their worst.

      We aren’t cynical, just spiritual realist, ha! There is a contradiction for you.

      Lil’ Bro

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