The Wayward Fan’s Birthday

Well, if you read the post from a week or so ago then you know that my wife has had issues regarding understanding inter-rivalry in the NFL.  However, I am putting that confusion in the past today to send her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out from work since I can’t log-in to Facebook here.  I just hope that I setup everything correctly to where it picks this up.

I am glad to be your husband.

I am glad you are my wife.

I am glad you are the mom to our children,

Even when our daughter stays up all night (well, til 10:00).

I am grateful for our time together,

Grateful for each day to wake up by your side,

Grateful that you are shopper savvy,

And NOT wanting a $20,000 ride.

I can’t wait to hang out tonight with you and the kid(s)-even though one is technically not in the “world” yet.  Looking forward to watching you open your two, small, pathetic gifts that I got you and then as we go back to Walmart to see what you would have picked for yourself!
Love and Hugs on your Birthday and every day,

Daddy Moose


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