Something you don’t hear about

I was very frustrated today, with myself, with my church, with life in general.  I am so sick of the Christianity that I know and even with my own pathetic attempt at living out the Christian lifestyle.  It has been full of a lot of failure the past few years and mediocre standards.  My church is simply a by product of Western Christianity and its emotionalism, double-faced people in attendance, and inability to purge the crowd of well-wishers and nay-sayers (like myself).  The body as a whole is good for nothing and every attends, at least in my mind, to make themselves feel better.  I see very few people involved in actual personal ministry.

That being said, I got home and at some point decided to read a little in the Word.  Our church is trying to have everyone read through the New Testament in 90 days or a year (I can’t remember which).  Our pastor said that if we got behind that it was best to simply pick up with today’s reading and go from there, don’t try to catch up.  So that is what I did.  I picked up with today’s reading that happened to begin with Acts 26.  I came across a passage that I am very familiar with (one of the papers I wrote while at Liberty dealt  with the books of Acts and the gospel message that was preached throughout it).  Acts 26:20 reads, “Instead, I preached to those in Damascus first, and to those in Jerusalem, and in all the region of Judea, and to the Gentiles, that they should repent and turn to God, and do works worthy of repentance.”  And right there I found encouragement.  Here I was trying to wrap my sinful fingers around the Grace of God and the love that I have heard preached and been taught about so much.  But this verse jumped out at me and screamed, “Keith, there is work to be done and you are slacking as though the Grace of God is all you care about!”  This verse says that the Christian is to WORK.  It is not saying that a person has to work their way into heaven, but it is saying that if you have turned your life over to this Jesus that Paul preached about then there is WORK to be done and that work is a part of repentance.  It is supposed to be a part of the appreciation that I am to show God for saving me from my stupidity.

That is what I want.  I want to work for God and not feel guilty about working.  I want to look at the Christian lifestyle as work, as a career of sorts.  Do I want to think that my works are earning my way into heaven?  Heck no!  But by golly if I think that this Jesus is so great that He can save me from being eternally separated from the God who made me and wants a relationship with me forever then I better shape up and act like it.  I better work as though I believe it and as though I am grateful for it.

I am sick of church.  I am sick of tithing to a building and single person.  I am sick of singing songs about worshiping God that only a handful of people actually believe.  Give me songs that talk about life and God’s help during those times.  Give me hymns from the old days.  Give me gospel that changes a man’s heart.  Give me contemporary confessional songs.  Give me HONESTY!  Dad-gum-it people, let’s be real with each other.


2 thoughts on “Something you don’t hear about

  1. Ma K

    I’m so glad you found the encouragement you needed, right at the moment you needed it. That was God’s sovereignty that that was the passage you were to read on that day. I think the reason so many of us are restless in church is because we are tired of man’s rituals and religion. The Holy Spirit that resides in those of us who have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior is groaning because there is SO MUCH MORE that God wants us to experience not only in church, but in a life fully surrendered to Him for His use. May we live our lives in such a way EVERY DAY (not just on Sunday) that we are always available so that He can use us any time He wants to reach a lost and dying world.


    1. Daddy Moose

      I am at a very funky point in my practice of faith right now. Something has to change. It is like what Henry Blackaby wrote in his study, “God’s invitation for you to work with Him always leads you to a crisis of belief that requires faith and action.” Add to that the fact that “God is always at work around us” and it is no wonder that Christians are discontent with their church organization. It is dead. Real Christianity is a culture and requires a mindset that I do not have. Sacrifice. That is the key word. What am I willing to give up in my life that is not doing anybody any good what-so-ever in order to develop an eternal perspective which in turn leads to actions in my own life that reflect that change in thinking and believing. Maybe that is human nature, to struggle with an eternal mindset since our lives are built around the temporal aspects of this dying world.


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