Are we naturally twisted?

I really enjoyed last weeks posting on the Validity of Satan.  If you did not get a chance to read that one then please do.  It has videos, graphics, and more!

Not much to chew on this week.  I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want out of life.  Do I want the picket fence with the house in the middle of a small town like Mayberry?  What is the good life?  What does it mean to be a good father and husband?  How do I become a great teacher without sacrificing my family (for those who don’t know I teach high school business classes)?  At what point do I let go of my ambitions and just enjoy life?  What is the point to all of the madness?  Can it be simplified?  How do you simplify without becoming ascetic?  Is it possible to live a life sin free?  If it is then as soon as you acknowledge that you have been sin free have you sinned?

That is a good topic to write about.  Okay, so there is this train of thought that says if you do something that goes against God’s moral/ethical code then you have sinned, or gone against the will of God.  This could be done by not doing something you should have done or by doing something that you should not have done.  So lets say I wake up to the sound of my alarm that is set to hear National Public Radio to get me moving.  The alarm goes off and Renee Montagne begins filling me in on what happened around the world.  Some would say I have already sinned by listening to NPR.  Well, for those who don’t then lets suppose that I hear nothing but negative reports about bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan killing innocent civillians, President Obama is pushing healthcare reform down the throats of the Congress, Global warming is at an all time epic crisis point as is evidenced by the Winter Olympics not being cold enough to have natural snow, and more.  Somehow I maintain my composure through all of that and move off to the shower.  Now at this point I am still not awake.  I will not be awake for another thirty minutes or so, once I eat breakfast.  Agh, now here is where the first sin of the day creeps in…food.  I eat processed cereal with skim milk, only 1.5 cups worth of the cereal.  However, it was laced in sugar, this vile processed stuff that serves no productive purpose to the human body.  Have I sinned at this point?  When I eat the sweetened cereal did I defile the commands of my God?  Part of me thinks so.  But lets say it doesn’t.  Just how long could I go before sin is evident?  I can tell you that if the thoughts are considered sinful then I probably sinned back at the moment I woke up to NPR as I swore in my head about how stupid liberal media is and wonder why I have my alarm clock set to something so negative right away.

In my opinion, people cannot go very long (I am talking minutes at the most) without sinning.  We simply do not have the capacity to think purely, holy, justly, or righteously on a consistent basis.  If man is inherently good then why is it that so much evil does exists?  Wouldn’t we all do good all the time?  The moral corruption that we see in the world is not there by an unnatural choice.  We naturally are self-seeking and ego centric.

I am sleepy and ready for bed.  Goodnight.


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3 thoughts on “Are we naturally twisted?

  1. jewelfern22 says:

    We are human. Not evil per se. We’re just not God. And we aren’t expected to be God, just as Godlike as we can be. We’re expected to be nothing less than human…nothing more either. As long as we strive to do our best, I think we’re doing okay. Evil in the world exists because there is evil out there (Devil) and humans are weak. Once again, we’re not God. Not an excuse, just an explanation.

    • Daddy Moose says:

      I read this earlier in the week and just did not get time to approve it.

      I disagree but not in a black/white kind of way. I do not believe that man is evil. Evil is different than sin. The opening to the J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Simarillion has a great rendition of what I believe evil is, although it is not what I would base my theology on. But it is a good example. You should find a copy and read that. I just started. I love his books. His son finished this one but most of it is his father’s works that the son simply put together in a cohesive format.

      Humans are weak. I am not sure I agree with that one either. Maybe as individuals most of us are weak. But when you get enough peeps together then a whole lot of good or a whole lot of bad can take place. That is not weakness. Two examples: Civil Rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s and The Crusades.

      Gotta go. Thanks for reading and posting.

      Boris a.k.a. Lil’ Bro

  2. Just noticed your site at ask today and I need to say I really like it! Bookmarked this and will be returning to check it out more later.

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