The Validity of Satan

Interesting title, eh.

I guess this is one of the questions that everyone has to answer at some point along their faith journey, whether atheist, agnostic, or spiritual enthusiast.  Sure each of our sacred texts tell us what to believe regarding this character, but which one is correct?  Is there a Satan, Lord of the Underworld, Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, etc…?  How do we know?

I am not sure I have an answer for that, but I will try in a second to see if I can come up with some interesting support.  One point I would like to make is that if you are a Christian then you need to understand that Satan is not God’s evil brother or the opposite of God.  This is a misconception that I believe a lot of Christians make.  By having this mindset we create some theological quagmires.  First, if Satan is God’s evil equal then who came first and who created Satan?  If we say that they both came into existence at the same time (think Yin and Yang or Dualism) then it would stand to reason that neither can exist without the other.  That would mean that evil will always be present.  (Evil, the word, is another great topic that I might delve into at some point).  Second, if we make Satan this all-powerful creature then is God truly able to squash him or reign on his parade (get it, substituting rain for reign, as in rule over! ha!)?  After all, wouldn’t their powers void each other out?  Third, do you really want to believe that Satan and God are equal?  Isn’t that like wishing your nightmares were real?

Okay, enough about that.  What evidence is there that Satan exists?

How about that creepy feeling you get when all the lights are out and you are in any building, even a church?

What about the ability of man to imagine creatures that are horrendous and commit unimaginable acts?  This is a strange argument, but C.S. Lewis uses the same argument for the existence of God.  If Satan exists, then wouldn’t he be just as bad as we could imagine him to be?  If he did not exists then we would not be able to conceive of the idea of Satan.


The Cochroach, see my previous blog

Demonic possession.  I know this one can be argued from a naturalist standpoint as well, but I simply cannot believe that people are diseased with some unknown bacteria or virus that causes them to say and do some of the crazy things that have gone on.

1 example

2 example

3 video example from  In India demon possession supposedly happens quite a lot.  Some would say there are reasons for that (like maybe the fact that they have thousands of gods  to worship).   I only saw two and then decided it was worth adding.

Well, time for bowling and dinner.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Boris the Illusionist

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One thought on “The Validity of Satan

  1. jewelfern22 says:

    After having seen a posession of sorts and experiencing a couple of dreams that featured demons that followed me into waking I can say the devil does exist. His minions are out there and they work hard to instill fear in people. I will never forget one dream in particular when I was at Mom and Dad’s upstairs. This demon had a hold of me and I could FEEL his weight holding me down. I struggled to get free and was praying to God and trying to scream and could hardly breathe. I woke up and the room was pitch dark. I mean DARK, like you couldn’t even see shadows that are usually cast by the outside laterns downstairs. I still couldn’t move and felt this THING in the corner of the room, could almost hear it breathing. It was so dark, but I knew it was there. Fear had a hold of me for the longest minute or two of my life and I finally FORCED myself out of bed and ran downstairs. I will never forget that fear. So, as far as what the devil is, I don’t know. But I know he does exist. And what comes from him is dark and evil and is definitely something for the common man/woman to fear.

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