One Profound Thing…

I am trying to rack my brain for one profound thing that happened this week in my life.  I really cannot come up with any thing.

What was the greatest moment this past week for me? It actually happened today.  My wife and baby were sitting on the couch.  Little Moose was doing her typically roll all over the place and bury her head in the pillows while having a silly grin on her face.  I sat down in front of her on the edge of the couch and acted like I was going to sit back on her.  She loved it and started laughing like crazy.  I would sit back up and she would laugh and then grab my sweat shirt hood to pull me back on her.  It was great.

Before that we had gone grocery shopping and when we came back home Momma Moose had Little Moose in her new hand-me-down wagon going to visit the neighbor’s dogs.  Little Moose had a blast and just looked too cute!  I had one of those proud moments of contentment to just be allowed to be a part of this family.  It was awesome.  That is what life is about for me.

What about you?  What was your greatest moment this past week?
Daddy Moose

One thought on “One Profound Thing…

  1. Ma K

    My favorite memories this week were spending time with the same people too! The baby is doing so many new things every time I see her. Her laugh is definitely contagious. I can picture her cackling with you leaning back on her. It is the greatest thing in the world to do something silly and have her respond with such delight. She is very well loved by her mommy and her daddy! Nanny and Grandpa are kind of partial too!


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